The Shah of Fremont

Read my story about Ishan Shah here.

Ishan is great. I went over to Mission Coffee after school on Wednesday unsure if his candidacy should even be a story more than a year before the election, but that at least this would be one politician who wouldn’t offer to buy me food.

Sure enough, I arrived to find Ishan sitting at a table with his computer in front of him and a fresh cinnamon roll waiting for me. What could I do? Yum.

As I mention in the story, Ishan knows a lot about Fremont politics for a 16-year-old. But he did get stumped on one easy question: naming Fremont’s five historic districts.

He got Niles, Centerville, Irvington and Mission right away. But he blanked on the last one.

I told him there was a hotel there. But that didn’t register. I told him that nursery there had closed last year, but you can’t expect a 16-year-old to know his nurseries.

Finally, I told him that there was also an elementary school with the same name.

“Gomes?” he guessed.
“No,” I said. “Warm Springs”

He was mad at himself. He insisted that he knew it, but suffered an inopportune “brainfart.”

I believe him.

Matt Artz


  1. He seems to knows his elementary schools at least 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I did this. The second you left a barista who overheard walked over and was like: You know that! I was like… Yeah, I know….

    Thank you for the very well written article Matt. We got a ton of site traffic today!

  3. He certainly takes a nice picture, which doesn’t hurt in getting elected. I’m not pointing any fingers, but have you looked at some of our local politicos lately? Like a casting call for “What Not to Wear”. Of course, what’s between your ears counts more than your appearance, but looking good can make the door a little easier to open.

    Don’t be too hard on the guy for his little error – if I were being interviewed for the local paper, I might forget a thing or two as well. We all make mistakes, right Matt?

    For the last Fremont district, at least he didn’t guess “Newark”!

  4. He should have known Warm Springs, but the “hotel” clue was pretty stupid. What hotel were you referring to? I can’t think of one that screams Warm Springs.

    I bet if you’re clue was “It’s the next proposed BART station after Irvington,” he would have easily mentioned Warm Springs instead of naming off elementary schools.

  5. Matt, Maybe my tech skills are waning, but each time I click an article off this blog it takes me to the mobile site that just list the stories of the day and neveer to the story otself. I am using my blckbeRry to view the Argus online and this bug always ‘bugs’ me.

  6. Rick,

    Warm Springs Fault

    According to Mission San Jose Mission, the warm springs along Agua Caliente Creek predate the Spanish occupation, as the friars were shown the springs by local Ohlone Indians around 1797, when the mission was founded. The springs were part of the 9,564 acre Agua Caliente land grant given to Fulgencio Higuera in 1836 and 1839, during the Mexican period. The Warm Springs Hotel was established at the springs in 1853 by Clement Columbet. According to one account by Josiah Stanford, the springs were said to issue forth up to 60,000 gallons per day of warm water (letter to Mrs. James Whipple of Niles in 1920, cited in History of Washington Township, 1965). The immediate area was cultivated for grain beginning around 1846, which was shipped to San Francisco throughout the 1850s. Beginning in 1870 the area was planted with grapes, which became the Stanford and Millard vineyards. During the 1870s the springs were rumored to have become tepid and choked with minerals.

    The Warm Springs fault appears on the CDMG San Jose 1:250,000 scale (State Geology Map) sheet published in 1966. That sheet gives credit for the mapping of these faults to Professor R.L. Rose of San Jose State College. Tom Dibblee (1972) mapped the Warm Springs fault as part of the Milpitas Quadrangle geologic map released in 1972, followed by the Niles Quadrangle geologic map in 1980. Evidence for the fault was taken from lateral and vertical offsets observed in the area streams (including Agua Caliente and Aliso Creek) and groundwater level offsets noted in local wells.

    These observations were apparently confirmed by JHA Consultants in 1987, when they were providing geotechnical consultations for the Vineyard Heights- Phase II subdivision. JHA trenched the supposed trace and reported evidence of surface fault rupture across the channels bordering either side of the subdivision area (in Aliso Creek and the unnamed creek just south of Grapevine Terrace. JHA (1987) recommended structural setbacks across Grapevine Terrace at Rutherford, and within the Rutherford Place cul-de-sac, showing the fault crossing Aliso Creek between elevation 590 and 597. They also mapped a thrust feature west of this trace, through what is now Grapevine Court. Their trace is shown on Plate 1.

  7. An excerpt from “City of Fremont – The First Thirty Years – History of Growth”

    “…Columbet established a vineyard and built his famous Warm Springs Hotel and spa here, which eventually became a fashionable resort site for wealthy San Franciscans. The hotel was damaged in the great earthquake of 1868. In 1870, Leland Stanford, the powerful railroad magnate and governor of California, bought the repaired hotel. The one remaining hotel building from 1853 served as a road house until its upper floor was condemned after it was damaged in the 1906 earthquake.

    Note: The ground floor of the building was used as a restaurant and bar until the early ’70s when it was torn down. (It was up at the end of Stanford Lane).

  8. Gees, Ishan, see what you’re little memory lapse has wrought? I’ll bet you never forget Warm Springs again as long as you live.

    Good on ya’ for running – we need more people involved in local politics. I can’t agree with all of your positions so far, but at least you’re taking positions and telling us why you believe them, which is a good start. Keep an open mind and try to have a good time.

  9. Never again Lou!

    I’m having a blast. Its okay if we don’t agree, everybody has their own opinions. I most certainly do try to keep an open mind. Please do email me and tell me what we don’t agree on! I love a good conversation.

    On a side note: I was contacted yesterday by a woman, I wont mention her name, who was informed that I had been misusing her name in order to acquire a meeting with prominent fremont figures. Obviously a lie, because I have never actually met the woman. The politician in question was CMW. She asked me if I hadn’t used her name, how was I able to get a hold of CMW. I told her through his campaign site, something anybody can do! She believed me because I showed her the original email I sent through the site, it made no mention of her name. She told me she had been fed this bit of misinformation by somebody who is going to be my opponent in 2010. Lovely, people feel they need to lie to discredit me. Thankfully I keep detailed logs of all my correspondence so I was able to prove my innocence!!!

  10. Ishan, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Welcome to the world of politics.

  11. A veritable geyser of data about the Warm Springs faultline and surrounding area !!! Just think about the research and time necessary to come up with these myriad obscure historical factoids . . ..
    (I thought the question was “What Hotel ?” )


    Dont get me wrong – I am very impressed, Matt A !

    How can I encourage you to exercise this same kind of investigative scrutiny and factual reporting on current-day matters of significance like Fremont governance, redevelopment, and finances ?

    Here’s an idea for your consideration – how about a 3-part series on the Besaro fiasco ? Part 1 – from the perspective of the homeowners – Part 2 – from the perspective of the land owners – Part 3 – from the perspective of a community that surrounds and is concerned about both. . . .

    My apologies to Ishan for this offf-topic post – but, maybe this is also an invitation for Ishan to comment on this situation. . . . .

  12. OK, I’ll admit it – who is CMW? City Mayor Wasserman? Council Member Wieckowski? City Manager What’s-his-Name? (yes, I know it’s Diaz). Committee on Migrant Workers? Compton’s Most Wanted?

  13. Ishan,good try ! I have a question—what will happen to your college education if you are elected ?

  14. bbox,

    I understand your overall displeasure. But we have written a lot about Besaro. We’ve certainly got the residents’ perspective into stories. We’ve also reported on the owner’s filings, which show how much money they make on it. As for the community’s reaction, there has been no organized community action that I know of regarding Besaro. I’m not going to stand outside Trader Joes and ask people about Besaro only to have them not know what I’m talking about.
    Your comment seemed inconsistent to me. First you urged me to write more investigative stories. A fair request. But then you recommended a three-part story focused on people’s perspectives.

  15. So – let me get this straight – investigative stories dont address/include/cover “..people’s perspectives” ?

    Interesting perspecitve.

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