Cyclo Cafe: good stuff, steep prices

UPDATE 8 p.m.: I was wrong. The council is talking about new landscaping requirments. Me sleepy.

I’m getting old. I remember when you could buy a slice of pizza for $1. And it was good pizza, because it wasn’t made by Californians or transplanted Chicagoans. Now there’s a place in Fremont where a small coffee sets you back $2.25.

But in defense of Cyclo Cafe, it’s a really good cup of coffee. They offer some kind of fancy brand called Barefoot. It’s potent. The City Council can chatter till 2 a.m. tonight for all I care. I’m ready to roll.

Cyclo also has solid food and wi-fi access. And while you’re sipping or surfing, you can look out on to an ocean of vacant storefronts and daydream about striking it rich as an Asian-themed business owner.

The Globe still doesn’t have much going for it. What was to be Fremont’s Epcot Center now has a cafe, Vietnamese restaurant and a bank. There are banners heralding the arrival of a frozen desert store and another restaurant. And several store fronts have signs proclaiming that they’ve been leased, but no evidence of anything coming soon.

Matt Artz