Teen council candidate called “gitmo boy”

Crazy couple of days for Fremont teen Ishan Shah. On Monday he was the toast of the town. This evening someone called him “Gitmo Boy.”

Shah emailed this to me today. When I talked to him last week, I asked whether he really had gotten hate mail as he had claimed on his web site. Now he can answer “yes” without hesitation.

Matt Artz


  1. It’s just a comment in response to a blog. Seems like it is being blown out of proportion. People always say stupid racist stuff on the internet.

  2. In the time before the Internet, blogs, e-mail, Twitter, etc. there were just as many racists, pedophiles, and other assorted whackos and wingnuts. They just didn’t have the means or methods to make themselves so immediately visible to the public. Technology has made us more aware of their presence. You can decide if that is a good thing or not.

  3. The writer of seems to be aware of the Gitmo comment. I’m not sure of the NBC policy or if the comments were flagged but not addressed, but she knows.

    From the comments log it looks like writer Lori Preuitt was called out a few times for using the word “click” in place of “clique” up until 6:06 PM. Two of the three Gitmo/terrorist comments were posted before then, and the “Gitmo Boy” comment posted minutes later at 6:13.

    She has since corrected the use of “clique” and the article states it was updated at 7:36 PM, but from the log there’s no doubt that she read the first two comments before making the change, likely read them all.

    I hate to get all forensic, but what level of vanity does it take to heed a spelling correction while ignoring what are essentially racist comments.

  4. Damn. Reading my post, I realized that I just slammed an underpaid and probably overworked journalist on an internet news forum that costs me nothing. Maybe a bit judgmental on my part.

  5. Ugh… what do you expect when Matt Drudge has your story up on his site? The Drudge Report attracts a certain group of people that would spew such drivel.

  6. The Drudge Report is huge. It attracts all kinds, including me. I love the news and hate the nasty editorial slant. I’m amazed that Shah got on there.

  7. I’m still wondering why a comment to a blog is worthy of a posting to another blog. Seriously, this is a non-story. My guess is Matt Artz is posting this to get more pub for Ishan Shah, who he seemingly supports openly for his City Council Bid.

  8. From Shah’s position paper:

    ” I am a student; I am seeing firsthand what overcrowding is doing to our schools. My counselors, who are supposed to assist students in applying to college, will most likely be losing their jobs next year. Our classes will approach 40-45 students in size. The schools can not take any more. If the Council wants to bring more homes to Fremont, they need to build new schools”

    The only overcrowded high school in Fremont is Mission San Jose. If it’s a problem, transfer to another Fremont HS. In fact MSJHS students can transfer to any other Fremont HS to help alleviate overcrowding. But oh no, god forbid Ishan or another MSJHS student transfer to American, right? Or Kennedy? God forbid an MSJHS student, any of their students, show any faith in the rest of the Fremont Unified School District.

    If Ishan really cares about overcrowding, perhaps he should take a stance and transfer to American. The added benefit is that he would be attending school in North Fremont, a part of town where he has little visability and wouldn’t just be seen as “just another MSJHS kid.”

  9. I meant to say “just another MSJHS kid who is elitist about the ‘rest of Fremont.'”

  10. Rick, the FUSD School Board has a moratorium in place that would not allow Ishan to transfer to any Fremont high school other than Kennedy (Board Policy AR 5117, 5117.1). All high schools, including American, are impacted and cannot accept Intra-District transfer.

    Go to http://www.fremont.k12.ca.us/16811092810592773/site/default.asp and click on Parent Handbook & Notice of Rights, page 7.

    The five-year moratorium was put in place Feb. 2003 and extended by the Board.

  11. Also, don’t forget the city council doesn’t build schools. That’s the job of the school district. Perhaps Ishan would rather run for school board?

    Reminds me that we had a candidate for mayor a few elections back whose declared his number one priority would be to improve Fremont schools. Kind of like a candidate for school board putting repairing streets as their highest priority if elected.

  12. Well then he can transfer to Kennedy. The publicity alone in Fremont would be huge, and would get the rest of Fremont (all parts not in MSJ) behind him because it would show he is not elitist.

  13. So you would rather Ishan have an inferior education to make a statement? And let’s face it… it is an inferior education.

  14. “So you would rather Ishan have an inferior education to make a statement? And let’s face it… it is an inferior education.”

    Ahh I see, so now people are admitting that there is a perception that other high school suck in Fremont, but somehow MSJHS is like a free private school.

    Some people here believe that all HS’s in FUSD are similar. Why don’t you “educate” them?

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