Fremont has a budget, fewer layoffs

With no comments from residents, the City Council approved a budget for the next fiscal year, which begins in July. There will be fewer than the anticipated 20 layoffs, because more workers than expected took retirment packages.

Fremont will go back to alternating the closure of fire stations to save on firefighter overtime. The police department will end 24/7 front desk hours, and you guys are now responsible for trimming your street trees.

The city also played its perverbial violin at the Symphony’s request $2,500. Not this year.

Matt Artz


  1. Anyone here attend City Council meetings? Can anyone confirm whether or not Ishan Shsh attends these meetings and whether he speaks up at these meetings? I would assume if you want to be a Councilman you would be as active as possible now by attending those meetings and participating.

  2. I watch TV broadcast often but don’t remember seeing him speak. Get real, he may be flooded with projects and homework at MSJ High.

  3. As I said in a different comment, if he wanted to show that he wasn’t your typical MSJHS elitist student, he’d transfer to Kennedy.

    Regardless, when school is not in session he can attend City Council Meetings and participate. Also if he is “flooded with projects and homework at MSJ High,” how can he carry on a City Council campaign?

    Finally, why did you say “At MSJ High?” Why imply he wouldn’t be so busy at Kennedy, American, Washington or Irvington? (or a private school like Moreau?) Are you also elitist about MSJHS?

  4. Rick,
    I have heard 4 out of 5 parents of MSJ High complained about too much homework and he is in that school, so it was natural for me to say this. I was not implying. I didn’t know the situation with all other schools. My kids are not Mission schools and they are very fine and I am happy. Nothing to do with Elitist.

  5. As someone with no children currently in the FUSD (although I am a product of that system), I am a bit mystified by the view that Mission High is somehow an elite school. Upon what is this based? Aren’t all of the high schools in Fremont administered by FUSD? Is it your contention that FUSD funds and/or staffs Mission differently from the other high schools in the District? Is it because you feel that the parents of Mission students contribute in some way to that school, and parents of students at other schools in the District do not? Please, educate me on this point.

    And, no, I didn’t go to Mission – I graduated from Kennedy, a looooong time ago.

  6. Over my lifetime, I participated in 25 budgets as a councilmember or mayor and another 5 or 6 as a member of the public before that. In all that time, I think the average number of speakers on the budget was 1.5. Now, we have this great resource, a blog where anyone can comment, and we get diverted from the budget with high schools and potential candidates.

    Even the press paid more attention to easier things to write about the a complex budget. Nobody speaks on the budget, but try to license a cat and see what happens.

    As to the arguments about schools, I think they generally reflect the family values of education. If the parents went to college, the kids probably will and the stress on education comes from the home. My kids went to Kennedy, with my oldest graduating in 1978. There was a sign posted in the school at the end of the term that some tiny percentage of the graduates were going to four year colleges. Thirteen years later, my youngest graduated and more kids got four year scholarships that year than went to four year schools earlier. The difference was that the Ardenwood kids were bused to Kennedy, kids from families involved in Silicon Valley, kids from immigrant families, and kids motivated to do well. They brought the whole school up with them. I believe it starts and ends in the home.

  7. MSJHS’s reputation is based on rankings (See the newest post to this blog on school rankings), SAT scores, and where people get into college. It’s pretty ridiculous. During the “Boom,” property values shot up in areas where children would go to MSJHS. People in South Fremont are quite elitist about MSJHS. They riot when school boundaries are changed and god forbid their kid has to go to another Fremont HS. It’s insane.

    Anytime I talk to anyone who has heard of Fremont, they ask if I went to “Mission San Jose.” They’ve never heard of any of other HS so when I tell them where I really went, it’s a conversation killer.

  8. The school itself is not elitist, but students and parents especially are elitist about MSJHS. They look down upon other high schools of Fremont.

  9. I dont know why being elitist is considered bad. I think this country and state needs elite people running it, and not average joes. Its good to have kids who are hard working and smart. But if all they turn out is nerdy bookworms, its no good.

  10. Nobody looks down upon other schools. If Rick is confined to his own world, it is better to visit MSJ neighborhoods and talk to people, majority of them are just ordinary people who work hard to pay their mortgages and taxes. It is not good to stereotype people as elitist or goofballs or whatever without interacting with them.

  11. Rick, Its human tendency to look down upon other people. Dont californians look down upn southern states? Dont americans look down upon mexicans? and so on.

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