Fremont schools make Newsweek’s list

Newsweek’s annual list of top 1,500 high schools in the nation includes two from Fremont: Mission San Jose (No. 226) and Irvington (No. 373).

Here’s the list: www.newsweek.com/id/201160

Linh Tat


  1. Irvington said in a comment to the previous post: “Aren’t all of the high schools in Fremont administered by FUSD?”

    There is obviously a big difference between all Fremont high school’s if one is top 300 in the US, another is top 400 in the US, and the other three can’t even make the list of the top 1500 in the US.

  2. My high school is #54. I feel like both an elitist and a failure.

  3. I went to #31 for less than a day. What should I feel like? 🙂

  4. well what is say about Newsweek criteria for the list or the State of California Distinguished School list sinc Washington High is not on the Newsweek list but was awarded Distinguished School by California

  5. It is my understanding that while obviously all the high schools are administered by FUSD, the classes offered are most definitely NOT the same at all schools.

    Part of the ranking process is counting how many students take the AP test (or equivalent) divided by number of graduating seniors.

    It is my understanding, though a quick search didn’t reveal it, that Mission offers the most AP classes in the district and Irvington the second most AP classes. As a purely statistical calculation, the ranking does not really speak to the caliber of the teachers, the quality of instruction, or indeed the work ethic/academic capability of the students at each of the high schools in the district.

    Open to correction if I’m wrong….

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