Fremont wins recycling praise

We at The Argus, meaning Scott Wong, Chris De Benedetti and myself, have a tradition of writing news stories every time Men’s Health magazine puts Fremont in one of its metro rankings. In Scott’s defense there was news value to Fremont being named The Healthiest City for Men.

I, on the other hand, probably had no business writing that story about Fremont being ranked the 31st most drunken city two years ago, although CBS and ABC picked up on it.

Now I’ve outdone myself. I told my overlords yesterday that I’d give them a short story about Men’s Health ranking Fremont the second best recycling city in all the land. Fresno was #1, of course.

But then I learned that the rankings I was reading online was actually from the March edition. I’m not a subscriber, nor am I healthy enough to live in Fremont. Anyway, I went ahead with a story that wasn’t a story or timely. Click here for it.

Matt Artz

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