16-year Ishan Shah was on the Bay Area’s premier news station this morning. He said his school let him skip first period for the interview.

I think that makes it a clean sweep of the local newscasts for Shah,  who plans to run for City Council next year after he turns 18. He’s also been on Fox news and some BBC radio program.

Shah was at the Fremont Citizens Network get together last night featuring Anu Natarajan. Shah gave his two cents frequently. He lost me at one point when he started talking about a hole that fecal matter comes out of. If memory serves, he was talking some dilapidated section of Mission San Jose High School.

Ishan might be the most polite city council candidate ever. When former council candidate Alan Stirling, wearing overalls and red, white and blue, hi-top sneakers, walked in to the full house last night at the Warm Springs Cabana Club, Shah gave up his seat.

Later he greeted, former mayor “Mr. Morrison.”

The KTVU segment isn’t online yet. Below is a CBS report on him.


Matt Artz


  1. Yes, truly, the kid’s getting a lot of ink, and he did present well at the FCN meeting. But a political campaign is a long slog through a mine-field, so we’ll see how things go. I am seeing some questions being raised around the wisdom of electing a person of such tender years that he has not yet been faced with mortgage payments, property taxes, childcare issues, healthcare coverage, workplace stresses, and all of the other assorted stresses of full adulthood. Still, I’m sure he will benefit from the experience, even if he is not successful this time.

  2. Here we thought it would take moving a MLB team into a new $400 million stadium to put Fremont on the map. All we needed was a 16-year old high school student to announce he was running for city council!

  3. Last night I came to the FCN meeting direct from work. Ten hour shift on concrete and one hour dive each way. Bone tired and no supper. All the seats were taken. Ishan Shaw saw me walk in the room and immediatly gave me his chair. Thank you again Ishan, you are truly a gentelman.
    Ishan reported that the restrooms were so unclean at a school he visited that one had a broken toilet and there was fecal material on the wall and floor. This was a full and frank discussion about the realitys of Fremont and the FUSD. Dont critisize Ishan or anyone else for telling the truth.
    Some people cant handle the truth. The Argus newspaper has consistantly avoided truth about Fremont. Please dont corrupt this blog with the same trepidation. The potential is too precious to waste.
    The referance to kicking over the strawberrys that I made was reatorical and intended to show the disproportionality of nonresponse to illegal street venders and the problems they cause that has permeated Fremont’s administration failure and continued pattern of disfunction. Note to Harvey Levine: This established city policy will defeat a Monel defense for the city when, not if, this illicit street vending causes actionable harm. I will teach you how to use civil procedure to eliminate this problem if you want to learn what you need to know.
    Sincerely, Alan Stirling

  4. Ran into Ishan Shah by chance today, recognized him from the news coverage and had a long chat. I was prepared for an idealistic kid, not the thoughtful, well-informed adult who was surprisingly up to speed on Fremont’s current issues. Whether he really understands what it takes to work with all the key players in this city remains to be seen, but I hope the voters will not dismiss him out of hand because he’s so young.

  5. Mr. Stirling, NPIP,

    Thank you for the kind words. I intend to continue my course of action and speak directly to you all. I hope I have come across as more than just a kid. Mere minutes ago, I turned 17. I can already feel the media losing interest. I lucked out that they all completed my press stuff before the age change 😀 . 16 and 17 certainly sound very different. At any rate, I hope all I have done so far is positive in your eyes. I will continue to attempt to prove to the people of fremont that I deserve their votes. I understand that they are all gifts, each and every single one.

    NPIP, where did I run into you? was it at the FCN meeting?

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