Fremont almost had a Whole Foods

Former Council Candidate Al Stirling did a lot of talking at last night’s Fremont Citizens Network  community forum with Anu Natarajan.

In addition to encouraging people to tip over strawberry baskets sold by unlicensed street vendors, he lamented that Fremont residents want Santana Row and Whole Foods, but have gotten a Hooters and tattoo parlor.

I have been told that Whole Foods only wants to move into the corner of Mowry and Fremont Boulevard. But Gus Morrison said last night that several years ago Fremont had Whole Foods signed up  to move to the Kragen’s site in Irvington. But Whole Foods backed out, and now wants the more central location.

Meanwhile, Natarajan said that some people in Fremont must have wanted Hooters because it’s doing good business.
I can vouch for that.

Matt Artz