NUMMI spokesman: Prius to NUMMI seems “highly unlikely”

UPDATE: And now the innate pessimism of maturity sets in at NUMMI. We’ll be printing this tomorrow.

I heard  there was a meeting at NUMMI today. It wasn’t to announce that the Prius is coming. It was to talk about the the Vibe going.

Here’s what NUMMI Spokesman Lance Tamaso wrote:

The meeting was to inform team members that NUMMI will not manufacture the Pontiac Vibe after August 2009, but will continue to produce the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Corolla.  NUMMI will focus on building high quality vehicles and work on lowering its costs while GM and Toyota discuss NUMMI’s future direction.

We have had no indication whatsoever that Toyota has an interest in building the Prius at NUMMI.  We have no idea where this rumor started.  That rumor seems highly unlikely given NUMMI’s current financial situation.

Matt Artz