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In 2006, 383 Fremont city employees made more than $100,000

In 2008, that number jumped to 446.

So what percentage of city workers made more 100k?

I can’t say. More than 1,400 people are listed on the city’s salary spreadsheet, but many of those work part time or work full-time, but weren’t employed for the entire year.

Fremont’s new Human Resources director said the city had 860 full-time employees for the 2008 fiscal year, which started last July and ends June 30th. The salary numbers are for calendar year 2008 so it’s not a perfect match.

But if you figured that 446 of Fremont’s 860 full-time employees made more than $100,000 that would be about 52 percent.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, what percentage of the 52 percent are firefighters or police officers?

  2. Doug,
    Police and Fire depts accounted for 321 off the 446 six-figure earners. That’s about 72 percent.

    185 were police
    136 were fire

  3. 185/136 is close to everyone in each department.

  4. Another question… Is overtime pay included in these reports? I don’t have a problem with paying hourly employees overtime when overtime is worked.

  5. AMacRae, the figures are for total compensation, which includes overtime.

  6. Well, if your base pay is $80K it wouldn’t be that difficult to hit $100K and we see that all around the Bay Area.

  7. Ishan,

    Did you make the #1 comments? If so, can you explain by what you mean “at loss for words in a long time”. Since you are aspiring to be a City Councilman, the voters expect more details.

  8. Matt Zinger –

    If no response to your question is forthcoming – our aspiring councilperson is 0 for 2 with responses to the most difficult questions posed . . . . . perhaps his political saavy belies his years and just maybe he *is* cutout for the Fremont City Council ;^)

    The other “high, inside, fast one” was here –

    See post (and invitation for commentary) #11.

  9. I think Ishan made a casual comment. I’m not sure why some think their entitled to anything more.

  10. If you’re going to run for office, even locally, every opportunity to address a constituent is important. It’s still early in the race, but a candidate’s gotta answer all the questions, not just the ones he wants to answer. Young Mr. Shah is clearly both a reader and a commenter to this blog. Delaying a response is a mis-step.

  11. FL, at least Ishan has joined in the dialogue being held here, which is more than can be said for others. His comment is better than no comment at all. He is simply expressing his thoughts on the matter.

  12. You’re right, of course, Doug; if recent history has taught us nothing else, I think we now know that communicating with voters is better than not communicating with voters. I do want to hear Ishan’s thoughts, but I think the problem was that he wasn’t responding to questions. He has the right to do that, but if it becomes a habit it’ll come back to bite him as the campaign goes on. Perhaps an oversight, but it’s errors like that that can turn voters off.

    Any guesses how many sitting Councilmembers are already posting here under pseudonyms?

  13. Instead of an election for council, I think we should have a Bachelorette style competition between Vinnie Bacon and Ishan Shah where the two compete to win Fremont Lifer’s affection.

  14. So the list of outstanding Ishan questions begins to grow – (Note to M. Artz – write these down for the first two questions you ask Ishan next time you get a chance) – and, to F.L.’s point, circumstances snowball.

    1. What are your thoughts on the Besaro ?
    2. What are your thoughts on $100k+ civic employees ?
    3. How do you decide which questions and issues (as posed by prospective constituency) are not deserving of your consideration and response ?
    4. When did you stop beating your spouse ?

    (the last one is a little joke folks )

  15. Marty,

    Would you mind stopping the childish comments about me? Your immature comments seem to be an attempt to provoke me. You even started a blog using my name in which you accused me of being a racist.

    You’re giving anonymous bloggers a bad name. Maybe you could at least tell us who you voted for for Council in the last election.


  16. Vinnie, In 2008 I voted for you and Chan for council and Gus for mayor.

    Sorry about the rest, but you need to learn how to take a joke (and a little criticism) once and a while.

  17. I can take a joke. In my opinion, some of your comments have gone a little beyond a joke. And I can take criticism too. Let’s just try to keep it civil and focused on the issues. OK?

  18. Vinnie, nothing is changing with me. You can either start your own website and ban me or deal with it here (and admit that it really isn’t that bad).

    I want ask, though – considering how easily you cower whenever a poster presents a thorny situation for you, how do you expect the people in Fremont to have confidence that you wont be trampled over when negotiating an outcome for the city, contra Lew Wolff, et al?

    I think you must address this before your next run. I that respect, I have more faith in a 17 year old to represent our city than I do in you.

  19. Marty,

    I didn’t ‘cower’ from your post. I simply asked you to stop with what I feel are childish comments. If you want to continue with these, you’re only making yourself look bad.

    I’ve had a number of people go after me on this blog. I think I’ve handled myself quite well. I certainly do not run and hide as you’re implying.

    BTW, at one of the first Council meetings where Wolff was at, I spoke out against his attempt to fast track the project through the environmental review process.

  20. Vinnie,

    To further address my point, I’d like you to review the following TCB blog from March:


    In the comments section, you had a hell of a performance accusing poster “Ardenwood” of being a “hate troll” [post 18] for saying:

    “I would not like to see Vinnie Bacon as Mayor, you must have at least some experience.” [post 15]

    You considered Adenwood’s comment as “deliberately provocative” and the “type of arguing really denigrates the quality of this blog”. [post 32]

    As a contrast to what you consider “hate troll[ing]”, you assert that you’re “going to try and stop participating in it” and that you’d “be happy to talk about issues or positions”.

    Discussing issues are key, but how can anybody have a reasonable expectation that they can discuss issues and critique you? Every time a criticism or even a joke is thrown your way, you cry like a child. So, like I inferred, I believe that Ishan despite his youth has demonstrated magnitudes more resolve and wholesale maturity than you have in your years of experience.

  21. Read the whole thread for context. The fact is that a few new, anonymous people can onto this site for just that item and posted several negative things about me. They haven’t been back since then. I stand by my comments.

    I’m not ‘crying like a child’. I’m trying to defend myself. Or should I just sit back and let people make childish comments like:

    “I heard Vinnie Bacon had an insufferable case of colic when he was an infant. He’s a lot more mellow now.” (Marty)

    Is that what you think the purpose of this blog is? To subject public figures to your jokes? And we’re cry babies if we ask you to stop?

    You’ve been baiting me for a while with your comments. Once I bit, you’re all lined up to do a wholesale criticism of me and portray me as someone who can’t stand up for himself. You obviously don’t like me. Maybe you could just tell us why. It clearly started long before today.

  22. “I heard Vinnie Bacon had an insufferable case of colic when he was an infant. He’s a lot more mellow now.” (Marty)

    See, I thought that was funny, because in that thread Lifer was beating to death the fact that he’s known Bob Wieckowski since he was in diapers, and using that fact to give his opinion on the man more importance.

    Looking back, it’s a bit ironic that I referenced you as a colicy baby.

    Vin, to try and conclude this tit for tat, let me assure you that it was a Bacheloratte joke for christ’s sake, at Lifer’s expense (because he thinks candidates should be falling over themselves to address his every concern, get it?). No harm to you was intended. Get over it.

  23. Marty,

    Any so-called joke that takes that much explaining is obviously only a joke in the mind of the person who told it. It seems that your brand of humor is something appreciated by only a very small group, mostly comsisting of you. Why not stick to the issues and leave the humor to more appropriate venues?

  24. For the record, I have not endorsed Mr. Shah for Council and have no plans at present to do so. To my knowledge, Mr. Bacon is not currently running for any elected office.

    I could be irritated because you’re stupid; I could be angry because you’re evil, but I’m not. You see, every time you post, you show people exactly who you are. There is nothing left for me to say.

  25. Marty has frequently posted provocative statements which are of a personalized nature. This individual has little desire to contribute to shared understanding but is simply acting as a catalyst to fuel debate/discussion. . . . . this is a BLOGGING equivalent of “hot talk” which, benefits whom ????

    Certainly not those who desire to exchange thoughts or ideas –

    Kudos to Vinnie for taking the high road and not “the bait”.

    So – who benefits from M artzy’s “hot talk ” ?

    Ishan – when you have a moment – check out post number 15 in this thread.

  26. “For the record, I have not endorsed Mr. Shah for Council and have no plans at present to do so.”

    See what I mean, Vinnie? An anonymous poster on the net is talking about his official endorsement. These things need to be made fun of.

  27. Marty,

    The word “official” does not appear anywhere in FL’s statement. Again, you post about something that only exists in your mind.


    This person who calls him/herself “Marty” seem to me to be a “troll,” an internet term for those who post only to stir up anger and irritation in others. The last thing a person like this desires is to act as a catalyst to fuel debate/discussion. Instead, the aim is to get attention, even though it’s negative. I suspect this sort of behavior is listed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

  28. I still remember some months ago when Matt was on furlough, Marty posted something in very objectionable and provocative language on this blog. Do you all remember ? She/ he thought it was fun ! I can’t find it now, probably it was pulled off the blog by Matt.

  29. Doug – In answer to your question in #2, according to the chart posted on SFGate, approximately 75% of those making over $100K are police or firefighters. Of those making over $140K a year, I would say (guesstimate – I’m SURE someone will do the math here) that 90% of them are police officers or firefighters.

  30. Rule #1 of public life. When someone attacks you, just smile and walk away. When you respond, you give them another opportunity to attack. And remember the attack and there will come a time to get even, maybe years later, but it will come. And, if you are like me, you won’t be able to lower youself far enough to get even.

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