Average pay in Fremont

Firefighter: $135,957

Police officer: $117,157

Teacher: $76,436

Again these aren’t perfect. I excluded anyone  who didn’t make roughly the base salary at the start of the calendar year. Quite a few police officers and teachers made less than the base, which I took to mean they didn’t work a full year.

Scary that only 130 police officers made at least the base salary in 2008.

Also the averages are only for the rank of police officer and firefighter. The averages would have gone up if I included captains, sergeants, etc.

I don’t know if it was an error or not, but one Fremont teacher $235,9222.

Matt Artz


  1. The nice part about being a firefighter, based on the work schedule, is you can have a second job to supplement your income. It could be argued that as a teacher you could have a summer job to do the same. There are a lot of people right now that would just like to have a job.

  2. Hi Doug,

    It’s the ‘based on the work schedule’ part that stops most second jobs. I don’t know if the fire department follows the same plan as the police, four days on, three days off, but I believe it does. There aren’t that many second jobs that allow a person to work a different set of days every week of the year (including Saturday and Sunday.) And of course mandatory overtime days adds to the problem. Same problem in a different way applies for teachers. Their ‘summer’ starts a couple weeks after summer jobs open up and ends a couple weeks prior the close of summer. That doesn’t translate into too many opportunities. (Oh, for those not aware, teachers are not paid by the school district for summer months.)

  3. AMacRae, I have personally known local firefighters who had side jobs as independent contractors. They were able to conduct business based on their rotating schedules. Maybe I shouldn’t have referred to them as second jobs, but they are secondary sources of income. I was playing devil’s advocate when I commented on the possibility of teachers finding summer jobs. Some teach summer school to supplement their income, but most probably need the summer off to recharge the battery. I know I would.

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