Fremont layoff tally

In all, seven Fremont employees are getting laid off this month. But three have been offered temporary jobs with the city.

Matt Artz


  1. Do you know what is the overall count that has been laid of so for in this year? And what is the total number of employees that work for the city?

  2. D Alur, I’m not sure I understand. The seven layoffs are for full-time employees. Quite a few part-timers were let go earlier in the the year. I don’t know how many. Going into next fiscal year, the city is supposed to be down to 846 full-time equivalent employees.

  3. There were several people who elected to take early retirement to prevent some of the layoffs, I don’t know the total number, but I know several of them. Subtracting 846 from last year’s authorized staffing in the budget ought to give a decent approximation of the staff reduction.

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