Puppy Love Boutique reportedly out of business

UPDATE: Puppy Love is getting evicted. They have until 6:01 a.m. tomorrow to leave.

It always seemed that Fremont’s only dog store drew more protesters than patrons. Now, not surprisingly, it is no more.

A protest leader sent out an email this weekend announcing that the store, which opened last summer, has closed. Protesters had rallied outside many weekends outside the store, which they said obtained many of its puppies from breeding mills where dogs are horribly mistreated. The store’s co-owner Joey Kakar insisted that wasn’t the case.

The store, located on Mowry between Blacow and Farwell, was best known for a daring late night heist last December, in which 17 puppies were stolen. The next day, a store official was severely injured after falling through a skylight on the store’s roof while trying to show police how he thought the burglars entered the store.

To read the email, click where it says to click

All of our protesting, petitioning and leafleting has been  effective.
The customers stopped shopping and Puppy Love Boutique  could no longer pay
their rent….. As of today, they are evicted and  gone!!!Thank you everyone who protested with us!!!   Thank you  everyone who
petitioned and leafleted….  or did our much needed  undercover work……..One
by one, we can change the world for these dogs…..  they are depending on

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart….


Stay tuned for our next puppy store  venture!!!

Matt Artz


  1. Animal rights activists may claim victory, but come on, there were many other factors here:

    1.) The dogs were expensive and with the economy not many can afford it.

    2.) HORRIBLE location.

    3.) It’s Fremont. That kind of shop is something you might expect on the Peninsula in Los Altos, not in Little Indo-China (Fremont).

    The animal rights people may have gotten what they want, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it was their efforts that did the store in. As soon as it opened I knew it would fail just on location and Fremont demographics.

  2. Rick, re: 1.) Pretty good assumption; 2.) Maybe. 3.) Sounds like you might consider relocating. How about Muncie, Indiana?

  3. Rick, as a lifelong resident, I have to say that I am proud of the multi-cultural population here in town. Being from Indo-China or anywhere else is not a bar to being a responsible local citizen. It’s who you are, not where you’re people are from.

  4. I like the multiculturalism here too, but it’s not always a good thing. I never said anyone was from Indo-China, but I refer to Fremont as Little Indo-China because Fremont is dominated by Indians and Chinese. Rick Muncie is an alias, I am of Indian decent and from Fremont.

    But you know what? We have too many sub-par Indian restaurants and tons of tapioca drink places. I honestly believe the change in demographic had a huge role in the closing of Cattlemens (my favorite restaurant!) and Black Angus. Sure the economy sucked, but Indians and Chinese don’t flock to steak places. You can’t tell me that didn’t have anything to do with it, and that bothers me. It’s a little too much multi-culturalism. The old guard of Fremont is completely gone and thus places like Cloverdale Creamery go away while 30 tapioca drink places pop up.

    Sizzler goes away and the Fremont/Peralta location sits empty as you need put an afghan restaurant there to cater to the immediate local population.

    Sizzler finally moved to Mowry, died, and someone tried a local rip off, Lime Lite. It only lasted two weeks. The Indians and Chinese flock across the parking lot to Bombay Garden.

    Like I said, I’m indian, but come on. You have to admit that the ridiculous number of Indians and Chinese here means things changed like restaurants and the like, and not everyone likes that.

  5. “2.) Maybe”

    Maybe? It was in the back corner of a dying strip mall. That particular strip has a bunch of Indian stores and had a tanning salon, which also closed. Most people entering and exiting the lot from Mowry to go to and leave Lucky’s would have never seen the place. Might have been slightly better if they had Papa Murphy’s location, but come on. A store like that makes more sense, if at all, at Pacific Commons, or not in the tri city area at all.

  6. A good example of multi-culturalism run amok here in the tri city area is Good Burger. It’s a new mom and pop burger place in Newark, in the same strip mall as Spice Cut near Newpark Mall.

    The burger is very good, and a reasonable cost. They use an HDTV as their menu and have several other HDTV’s for sports and TV. Should do okay, right?

    Probably not. It’s in a strip mall where just about every store is something asian (indian, chinese, korean, etc) related. They rightfully had guys on Mowry and Cedar holding arrow signs pointing people to Good Burger to try to get people who don’t frequent this strip mall.

    But as soon as it opened I said it will last six months. Let’s see how it goes. I doubt I’ll be wrong. Went there today for the weekday “lunch rush.” I was one of two parties there, and the other pair there were mechanics from the closest auto shop. Not sure if $40 worth of sales during weekday lunches will keep them afloat. I’ve gone for evenings and been the only one there. They recently trimmed Sunday hours. Soon enough I suspect they’ll close because nobody is going, even though the burger is freakin delicious! Check out the yelp reviews if you don’t believe me.

    Soon to be just another prime example of multi-culturalism going crazy in the tri city area.

  7. Muncie; your argument defies your claim. Why is that – unless…

  8. First, I’m about as old guard Fremont as you can get – I’m not gone yet and I’m not leaving.

    Second, every wave of new residents supplants the one that came before – it’s not good or bad – it’s life.

    Third, I don’t suppose the fact that the whole economy is in the tank has anything to do with the failure rate of local businesses. It’s all those pesky Indo-Chinese.

    Finally, self-loathing is defined on the Wiki as “The term is also used to designate a dislike or hatred of a group to which one belongs. For instance, “ethnic self-hatred” is the extreme dislike of one’s ethnic group.”

  9. I am definitely Indian (but born here, not fob). I do not dislike or hate the group to which I belong. It’s just that I feel Fremont has too many FOB Indians (and Chinese).

    FOB = “Fresh off the boat”, a term used to refer to the actual immigrants, and not their kids born here (like me).

    I understand that new waves of residents change things, but we don’t have to like it. For example, IMHO, it’s a foregone conclusion that once Dino’s (the Dino’s on Fremont near Fremont/Thornton intersection) clientele, most elderly caucasians, die off Dino’s will close.

    In Union City, we lost Carrows and “gained” a Mongolian Hot Pot.

    You can just dismiss me as someone still bitter that both Cattlemens and Black Angus quickly closed up shop, but the fact remains that Fremont is so asian that people who have other tastes are in a minority.

    It’s like when you go to Iowa, tough to find good Indian food. If I was living there (And I once lived in the midwest for school), I would be complaining that there isn’t enough diversity.

    Here there is so much domination by asians living here that you get the exact opposite. Not enough burger, steak and comfort food places but and oversaturation of indian restaurants, tapioca drink places, etc.

    There’s not enough balance in Fremont and the tri city area, IMHO.

  10. “Muncie; your argument defies your claim. Why is that – unless…”

    I am an Indian Christian and eat beef. And pork. Is that so hard to believe? In the Bay Area there are even Churches that cater to Indian Christians (Christ Church of India, for example).

    You might want to check your stereotypes at the door, buddy.

  11. Rick, you sound like a kid. Eating beef does not make you any better than any fobs you mention. Have you ever visited a slaughter house. Please do, then you will have an idea of animal cruelty.

  12. “Rick, you sound like a kid. Eating beef does not make you any better than any fobs you mention. Have you ever visited a slaughter house. Please do, then you will have an idea of animal cruelty.”

    Never said I was any “better” than fobs, I just didn’t appreciate the implication that I was lying that I am actually Indian because I eat beef.

  13. I think it’s sad when anyone celebrates the closing of a business, as that letter does. Not because I even disagree with their cause, but I know what it’s like to start a business and take on that risk. But it’s done now.

    Cattlemens and Black Angus is an interesting topic to me. I love a good steak. But in recent years, I’d rather get a steak from Texas Roadhouse, Claim Jumper or Outback. I prefer the quality and flavor of the meat, at least the few times I’d been to Black Angus recently and got a tough cut, and the atmosphere is more open and modern. I wouldn’t so much look at what takes over at the same location of a dying restaurant when we all travel a few miles to get to what we like.

    Heck, we drive to Dublin to get good Indian food. 🙂

  14. Glenn: You comment on Black Angus, but what of Cattlemens. I think the quality of their Harris Ranch steaks are out of this world, at least for steak here (I found steak in the heartland to be the best generally speaking).

    As to indian food, you’ve obviously never been to Savera in Charter Square in North Fremont. It’s actually a decent place to get North AND South Indian food. My pet peeve is that non-indians only think indian food is curries and the like, and thus most indian restaurants are north indian only. No Dosas, sambar, etc.

    Savera you can get yourself a dosa and chicken masala (curry). Funny though, no one besides myself and my wife ever seems to eat there. Everyone else does to go. But it’s worth checking out.

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