Puppy Love Boutique reportedly out of business

UPDATE: Puppy Love is getting evicted. They have until 6:01 a.m. tomorrow to leave.

It always seemed that Fremont’s only dog store drew more protesters than patrons. Now, not surprisingly, it is no more.

A protest leader sent out an email this weekend announcing that the store, which opened last summer, has closed. Protesters had rallied outside many weekends outside the store, which they said obtained many of its puppies from breeding mills where dogs are horribly mistreated. The store’s co-owner Joey Kakar insisted that wasn’t the case.

The store, located on Mowry between Blacow and Farwell, was best known for a daring late night heist last December, in which 17 puppies were stolen. The next day, a store official was severely injured after falling through a skylight on the store’s roof while trying to show police how he thought the burglars entered the store.

To read the email, click where it says to click

All of our protesting, petitioning and leafleting has been  effective.
The customers stopped shopping and Puppy Love Boutique  could no longer pay
their rent….. As of today, they are evicted and  gone!!!Thank you everyone who protested with us!!!   Thank you  everyone who
petitioned and leafleted….  or did our much needed  undercover work……..One
by one, we can change the world for these dogs…..  they are depending on

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart….


Stay tuned for our next puppy store  venture!!!

Matt Artz