Soon to be ex-Chronicle workers protest in Fremont

Fremont doesn’t generate a lot of news, but next month it will generate a lot of newspapers. The Chronicle is in the midst of outsourcing its printing press from a company-owned plant in Union City to a Fremont plant, owned by the Canadian company Transcontinental.

That’s bad news for the 100+ guys who’ve been working for the Chronicle. They say Transcontinental doesn’t want the the new plant to be union and doesn’t want to hire any of them.

They’ll be unemployed as of June 28. “We’re trying to send a message to these guys that they can’t oursource our work,” said Angel Eaquivel, who has worked at the plant for ten years.

The guys on the picket line said they made about $22 an hour. They said Transcontintal, whose plant is on Kato Road just off of I-880, was offering about half that.

Matt Artz