Book too explicit for Fremont students

Bastard out of Carolina got a lot of press when it was first published in 1993. Three years later, Hollywood turned it into a movie, staring Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Apparently, it’s violent. The protagonist is a girl who was molested, beaten and raped by her stepfather.

And if Fremont students want to read it, they’ll have to go to the library.

The school board earlier this month voted 3-2 to exclude it from its list of approved books. It had already been approved by a district curriculum committee, but board members Ivy Wu, Lily Mei and Larry Sweeney didn’t think it belonged in the classroom. Bryan Gephardt and Lara York felt otherwise.

Click here for the book’s Wiki synopsis.

My understanding is that the board did approve the two other books before them:
1) The Man Who was Poe  – A mystery with Edgar Allen Poe as a character
2) Code Talker – A novel about Navajo Marines in WWII.

Matt Artz