Wasserman pulls no puppet strings on police building retrofit

UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: Wasserman adjourned without any debate. Maybe 34 won’t be so bad.

The council is still in session. If they go another 80 minutes they will have been in session on my birthday for two years in a row. Not cool.

The council just voted 4-1 to approve two contracts for the $12.25 million to retrofit the police building. Mayor Wasserman thought it was a bad deal, so he voted no. The other council members disagreed.

Earlier tonight the council didn’t stand in the way of a day care center that wanted to expand even though several nearby homeowners objected. Most council members used the opportunity to say how much they like kids.

Now they’re talking about the 2030 general plan. Union Pacific has a rep there talking about future development around the terminus of Shinn Street.

Matt Artz


  1. Was the mayor against it because he felt it wasn’t enough or just because he thought it was an all around bad idea?


  2. That place has and always been a JOKE amd full jokers.

    This waste of money should be up to us the tax payers.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Ishan, The mayor thinks the cost of the design and construction management contracts were too high. He also thinks the total $12.25 million repair is “outlandish.”

    What do you think about the school board banning “Bastard out of Carolina?”

  4. Matt, I think its strange that Wasserman would suddenly turn on some of his biggest supporters. But, I think his thinking is sound on this one. He is no longer afraid do do what he thinks is right because he isnt up for election anytime soon. Please note that he is termed out as mayor after his current term. Its no shock to me that the 2 council members who are both coming up for re-election were in such a hurry to approve this retrofitting. They’re playing the game after all… Is the station in such bad shape that it needs this retrofitting right this second? I think if it was, the former police chief would realize it and vote in favor. This isnt a very smart use of money in my honest opinion… because the amount they are going to spend is EQUAL to the city’s deficit and we aren’t exactly going to be making money off this investment. These sorts of expenditures should be saved for when we actually have money to spend.

    As for the Bastard out of Carolina, I’ve never actually read it. When I read your post I went out and bought a copy. I want to know what I’m talking about before I pass on a judgment. =]

  5. Where does Dutra or other developers in the councils back pocket fit in?

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