Wasserman pulls no puppet strings on police building retrofit

UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: Wasserman adjourned without any debate. Maybe 34 won’t be so bad.

The council is still in session. If they go another 80 minutes they will have been in session on my birthday for two years in a row. Not cool.

The council just voted 4-1 to approve two contracts for the $12.25 million to retrofit the police building. Mayor Wasserman thought it was a bad deal, so he voted no. The other council members disagreed.

Earlier tonight the council didn’t stand in the way of a day care center that wanted to expand even though several nearby homeowners objected. Most council members used the opportunity to say how much they like kids.

Now they’re talking about the 2030 general plan. Union Pacific has a rep there talking about future development around the terminus of Shinn Street.

Matt Artz