GM doesn’t know what to build at NUMMI

From Reuters

GM says has no product for Toyota joint-venture

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Troy Clarke, GM’s president of North American operations, said that the U.S. automaker remained in talks with Toyota but had been unable to find a vehicle to replace the Pontiac Vibe, which will go out of production by the end of August.

The comments added to the uncertainty around the future of the 26-year-old GM-Toyota joint-venture plant in Fremont, California, commonly known by its acronym NUMMI for the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.

The plant, which is represented by the United Auto Workers union, also makes the Toyota Corolla sedan and the Toyota Tacoma compact pickup truck.

As part of a bankruptcy financed by the Obama administration, GM automaker is dropping the Pontiac brand.

“We have been in discussions with Toyota with regards to potential future products that we could receive from the joint venture,” Clarke said. “I’ll just be honest with you: so far we have not figured out a product that fits the needs of NUMMI, Toyota nor ourselves.”

“We are going to continue the discussions with them and remain open,” he said. “Again, they have been great partners to us in the venture and so that dialogue continues.”

Toyota said earlier this month that it was open to continuing the joint-venture and to supporting GM if it were asked to do so.

(Reporting by Kevin Krolicki; Editing by Gary Hill)

DETROIT (Reuters) – General Motors Corp has not found a vehicle it could produce at a joint-venture factory it operates with Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) in California, a senior GM executive said on Friday.

Matt Artz


  1. How about an electric vehicle! Or an electric rail system that can be then installed down Mowry and Fremont Blvd!

  2. FGuy – I like your thinking, but remember GM is the company that bought out the electric rail lines in CA and eliminated the competition for their autos. Although wouldn’t that be a complete about face for their remaking as a company?!

  3. Did NUMMI ever fulfill its purpose for GM: to learn the Japanese method of manufacturing? I don’t think so.

    I hope they find something, but unless NUMMI offers something special, I don’t see what makes it more appealing than GM’s innumerable other excess factories.

    And Doug, unless my sarcasm meter is shot, I think FremontGuy was poking fun at the political fads that have gripped the area’s politicians lately. If I’m wrong, I guess I’m the one with egg on my face.

  4. FR – maybe FL was poking fun. I’m all for a bit o’ scarcasm tossed in. That’s the inherent problem with the comments we all post. Sometimes the way we phrase them seems right in our mind, but read entirely different.

  5. Doug, you’re absolutely right. Unless you’re very familiar with the author or they go out of their way to hit you over the head, it’s pretty hard to detect sarcasm in these small posts.

    Anyways, only Fremont Guy can clarify, but I think he was being sarcastic. 🙂

  6. GM ending joint venture with Toyota

    NEW YORK (AP) — General Motors Corp. says it is ending its joint venture with Toyota at a Fremont, Calif., manufacturing plant after the two automakers failed to reach an agreement on a new product there.

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