Will hot weekend help water park?

It’s a sizzling Spare the Air day. That should mean lots of kids biking (or being driven) to Fremont’s new Water Park. So far the park has topped out at about 1,000 customers a day — just shy of the 1,100 target the city had set. Today could be the day they hit the magic number.

Matt Artz


  1. This weekend is going to set record numbers for the waterpark. My prediction –> people in long queues…

  2. funny how its going to take one of the hottest days OF THE YEAR to help reach a MINIMUM prediction set by the city…

  3. Yes I agree the Waterpark was a bad idea, but let’s talk about the REAL issue:

    In the India West article re: Ishan Shah, it says that our congressional rep Pete Stark, who Shah interned for last year, will NOT support Shah’s bid for City Council. His office wouldn’t talk to India West.

    Hey Matt, you should do a story on why Pete Stark won’t support Ishan Shah’s bid for City Council. I am really curious why he won’t support him.

  4. Comments about the water park made me think about the park’s goose problem. They seem to be there in record numbers this year. Time magazine has a very interesting article about the burgeoning goose population in the U.S. Here’s the link and an excerpt:

    “Canada geese are also prolific poopers, and with excretions adding up to as much as 1 lb. a day per bird, the health hazards are serious. The birds have been blamed for fecal contamination that has led to beach closings. “It’s not just the geese, but what the geese leave behind,” says John Moriarty, natural-resources specialist for Minnesota’s Ramsey County parks.”


  5. 1) Ishan was an intern, which makes it highly unlikely that Rep. Stark interacted very much with him to know him well enough to endorse.

    2) I don’t think Stark gets involved much on the local scene.

  6. Rick,

    Congressman Stark has reasons for not endorsing me. Anu and Bill both help him get re-elected when elections roll around. Yeah I wish he would support me as he is part of the reason I’m running. But, what can I do? It’s his call and i continue to have the utmost respect for him.

  7. Matt Artz could do a piece on Stark’s refusal to support you. I think the people should know that Pete Stark won’t support one of his interns. Everyone knows every 2 years he takes advantage of high school students who want something for their college applications by having them intern for his campaigns. He should be forced to at least make a statement to the press that he won’t support Mr. Shah.

  8. I don’t know Mr. Muncie, as disappointed as I am about his decision, he does have more things to worry about than a city council election over a year away. I don’t think he will suddenly change his mind and endorse me in the future, but I’m sure he has valid reasons to not do it. However, even though this is a setback for me, I can’t let it deter me from my goal. I’m going to win this election, endorsement or not.

    I didn’t see the wiki article you were talking about, where is it?

    I hope to speak with nearby Reps such as Barbara Lee and Mike Honda to gain their help.

  9. How did this post about the water park morph into Pete Stark not endorsing Ishan? Oh, it’s because Rick Muncie changed the subject. Rick, please note that under Categories on the right side there is a listing for Stark. Maybe you should post it there or at least use a post related to Ishan, “Air Shah.”

    Maybe Matt should add a new category heading, Shah, since he seems to be garnering quite a bit of attention.

    Yes, I did comment about goose poop in the park (No. 5), which is a bit off topic, but at least somewhat related.

  10. Was anybody at the waterpark ysday? If this weekends statistics dont add up to the expected numbers, waterpark is toast.

  11. Ishan, no need for you to apologize. You responded to the comments made. I would have done the same. But, I think Matt needs to expand his Categories. I know FremontLifer would like to see one for Besaro.;>)

  12. Re the Ishan thread (apology to the group in advance for off-topic) – – –

    I’m trying to remember who said it – – – – it was a very recent interview with one of the White House press corps who, when asked about the current press preoccupation with the Obama family dog and other Obama family activities, said “…..this preoccupation is newsworthy and entertaining, it is only a problem if it begins to displace critical press coverage.”

  13. Andy, I live within earshot of the waterpark. I heard the announcement made at 5 p.m. that the waterpark was closing for the day and would be open on Sunday from 11 – 5.

    I can tell you all the side streets, i.e, Rockett, Baylis and Mission View were the overflow parking area. Lots of activities filled the entire west side of the park from the Teen Rec Center to Stivers Lagoon.

  14. I did add a few categories including ones for Ishan, Besaro, salaries and the always exciting budget. Organization isn’t my strong suit and the blog is proof of that. I don’t want to have too many categories because I think it can get overwhelming for the reader. Maybe one day, I’ll consolidate the categories so they’re more logical. No worries about posting comments unrelated to the post. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  15. FYI Matt, the category and blogroll lists take up about 90% of the browser view from a mobile device.

  16. Thanks for the add-ons Matt. Now here’s a few I wonder if we still need.

    A’s – been there, didn’t do that
    Cabrillo – the building is finished, looking for tenants
    Fremont Chamber and Fremont Chamber of Commerce – duplication
    Goplan Nair – still a story?
    PETA – really? Not because of the White House fly incident!
    San Jose – ????

  17. Andy, because I know you’re going to ask, here’s a report from outside the waterpark. Drove past at 4:15, which means there was still 45 minutes worth of slide time. There was a wait line on the stairs, but there were also empty parking spaces in the parking lot! Not much spill over parking on the side streets today. Not nearly as many parties in the park. I think people might have opted for an air conditioned theater. I know we tried the Cinemark in Milpitas and couldn’t find a parking spot.

  18. I don’t exactly see why Pete Stark’s endorsement should be such a big deal for Ishan. Given the range of activities that interns assist with, direct contact between the two may have been limited. Even if they did work together, I wouldn’t rule the young man in or out based solely on Mr. Stark’s recommendation. I’m a Democrat, but I don’t make all of my decision based on what Pete Stark says. There are probably a lot of Dems out there who won’t choose to endorse Ishan; that doesn’t mean there’s any big mystery behind their choice.

    I will check Ishan’s website to see who he lists as endorsements, but the omission of one name won’t be as significant to me as how he presents himself on the issues as the campaign progresses.

    Thanx for the water park update, Doug. It would also be helpful if Matt could give us some weekend attendance stats. I’d hate to think the place is circling the drain already.

  19. What’s the age range of people going to the waterpark? Is it tweens or younger children plus their parents? I’m just curious as to who this is supposed to be geared towards. I can’t imagine that this is supposed to get older teens away from Raging Waters, right?

  20. Rick, this is from the Sports Management Group’s report to COF in 2006:

    “According to a study completed by Aquatics International, children ages 6-12 have the highest attendance at leisure pools; 13-18 year-olds have the next highest attendance rate, followed by 36-55 year-olds, 19-35 year-olds, 55 years and older, and 0-5 year-olds. Additionally, William Haralson, a consultant who has completed a previous study for the Fremont Family Water Play Facility, has noted, “Research has revealed that pre-teens and young teens make up a disproportionate percentage of attendance at water parks and family aquatic centers.”

  21. so its the very young to tweens & their parents, just like I’ve been saying all along. Blah…. I’m off to go campaign at lake elizabeth in this sweltering heat. How fun for me!

    They need to make coolant lined dress clothes x]

  22. My daughter is 3 and has been to the water park 2x already. The kids area w/ the fountains and padded grounds are amazing for this age group. So much, that my wife organized a play group of 3-5 yr. olds to attend the park bi-weekly this Summer. This park is a great addition for young families in Fremont, several friends in the Pennisula, with small kids are now heading out this weekend to see what it’s all about as they are reading about it in the press or seeing it on TV. i think it needs time to build up attendance w/ word of mouth and great weather conditions. I agree with Ishan, let’s now focus on a movie Theater, but I think the water park was very well worth the investment for growing families that will be in Fremont for years to come.

  23. Gees, Ishan, if you’re out doing the meet-and-greet already, you’ll have shaken every hand in town by the time the election actually rolls around. Pace yourself. But, while you’re at it, you might as well stop by the water park and get used to kissin’ babies (yes, that’s supposed to be a joke – possibly hard to tell in writing). BTW, even Gavin Newsom campaigns without a tie once in a while.

  24. Fremont Guy: Absolutely correct. The waterpark is done, no matter what everybody thinks, there isn’t anything we can do now. I am trying to meet with management of Regal theaters to run my idea by them.

    Irvington: That’s the plan! I want everybody to know who I am, & more importantly…what I’m doing.
    The sad thing is, Gavin Newsom is established enough that he is allowed to do that. In my rounds today, half the people still didn’t know who I was =[. Appearing as a proffesional is critical to my image or else I have a gut feeling that my opposition will make me pay for it if I do not.

  25. Ishan:

    When you say you want to meet with Regal theaters, to run your idea, do you mean talking to Regal about putting a theater in Pacific Commons? If so, I’d like to give you another suggestion: There is a company that is has been expanding their presence in northern california with movie theaters and they really do a smash up job. It’s called Cinema West. They run the new Livermore Cinemas, the East Bay’s only ALL-DIGITAL theater. You should check it out and see a movie there. I think you’ll see that we should have Cinema West open a theater in Fremont. It’s really a top notch operation.



    Many times I drive all the way to Livermore so I can see a movie in “Commercial DLP.” http://www.dlp.com, check out the Cinema section.

  26. Ishan stated, “half the people still didn’t know who I was.”

    Ishan, I can tell you from my recent experience of talking with people at the park, a fair number did not know who our current mayor was. Some thought it was Gus Morrison.

  27. Doug, that is actually going to be the subject of our little parody news show. I think you guys will enjoy it :]

  28. Doug, how about we let Gus be the mayor of the TCB. Now if we could only find something for Ishan and Vinnie…

  29. Forgive me for this, probably sounds ignorant. TCB would mean…?

    I like the second idea though ;]

  30. Matt,
    How much money $ did the waterslide lose, or Agua Adventure as it is called.

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