Big Daddy’s Burgers

This is way too premature, but I got a call today from someone who wants to reopen Big Daddy’s Burgers in the now shuttered Joe’s Corner. He said Big Daddy’s was a big deal 15+ years ago.

I’d never heard of it.

Matt Artz


  1. It used to be on the corner right where 84 splits off of Mission and goes into Niles Canyon. I remember seeing it a lot when I was a kid, but I don’t think I ever ate there. I’ll check it out if it opens up. I like me some burgers.

  2. When I was a kid my friends and I used ride our bikes there from Glenmoor. Cheeseburger,fries and a chocolate shake. My Tribune paper route money used to go a long way back then

  3. Big Daddy’s was the place for breakfast, after the bars had closed. I enjoyed breakfast there often, not just when the bars closed. They had excellent burgers, etc.
    I would love to see “A Big Daddy’s ” at Joes Corner, but it will never happen, Niles Politics!

  4. If not booze, then food. Any comments on what the “Niles Burger” would have on it if they were to serve one?

  5. It would be lovely to have Big Daddy’s back again – I remember them at their old location too. Bill may be right about Niles politics, but if a reasonable accommodation for issues like parking can be arrived at, it could be an asset to the neighborhood. It’s a tough economy to start a restaurant, though. Good luck to them!

  6. I think it was Tom Wolfe who said “you can’t go home again.” We can build new, but we can’t recreate what once was.

    Big Daddy’s was an institution. One of only three union restaurants in Fremont (one left, guess which one) you could walk up to the window and order to go, or go inside to tables and a counter. It was good basic food, hamburgers, fries, etc., but nothing fancy about it.

    Check out Michael McNevin’s song, “They’re Tearing Down Big Daddy’s.”

    I think it’s location had to do with it’s longevity and it’s age and competition led to it’s demise. Joe’s Corner pretty much eliminates casual, drive by patrons, so it has to be really good to draw people just for the food. Niles has a small population if someone is counting on just Niles to make it go.

  7. Big Daddy’s old location was key to its success. Being located in downtown Niles is a different matter. You have to be headed there; corner of Rt. 84 and Mission made it a spur of the moment decision for many to stop.

    Marty, you asked what would be on a Niles Burger? Why is it the immediate visual that came to mind was the movie clip of Charlie Chaplin eating his shoe?

  8. Big Daddy’s was great! I use to save my “Daily Review” paper route money and ride my bike down from Union City, on Mission Blvd. to get one of those burgers. In the 50’s it was an original drive-up window burger joint. I would head from my Glenmoor home today to Niles if it opened again, such a great idea.

  9. Big Daddy’s was the best!!! Great shakes and great burgers.

  10. Speaking of burgers, though no comparison to Big Daddy’s, the Fuddruckers at Union Landing is now open again. We were headed to Fresh Choice for lunch, saw this, and put salad plans on hold. The cashier said they’ve been open for around two weeks. The place was crowded, too.

  11. Sounds like I gotta try a “Big Daddy” burger . . . .
    When did Fudruckers close ? Ate there several times for lunch over the last many years – but didn’t know they were closed – remodeling perhaps ?

    I’ll add the Nations Burger to the list . .. . not too far from the Argus offices, too – stop by and tell Matt A. that you’ve come to claim the wine glass he’s been holding for you.

  12. I miss the Friday night cruise nights. We used to look forward and take all week to make sure the old Chevy was clean and ready for the trip down Mission from Hayward to Big Daddy’s. Can not immitate and can not duplicate!

  13. I Played Music At Big Daddys Car Shows in the 90’s.It was my hang out for years…Part of the Old “Good Fremont” I remember..

  14. Is Fremont going to put up a Big Daddys?
    I also used to go to the one on 84 and niles.

  15. No Big Daddys is in the works. But you can get a decent Dosa for under $5 at the Kragen’s strip mall in Irvington. Yum!

  16. Big Dad’s was tradition…when I lived near Niles and would leave to backpack Yosemite for the week, it was the last “civilized” meal we would have before trying to live on trout. We loved the people and the place and agree with the Mayor that you can’t go home again….BUT it might work and I would love to see something resuscitate Joe’s

  17. im a highschooler that lives in niles down by hacienda and i can tell you that all us teens would love to see a place that we can all eat and hang together, on our way to the secret sidewalk or to the river i always look in the old lot and try to imagine a burger joint with neon lights and cool cars out front…like something out of american graffiti, i wish that no a days there were more places like that with night life instead of me looking down the road and seein nothing but darkness so my opinion may mean nothing but dont go home just let us come over and hang out the youth today would really appreciate something to do other than staying at home and mischeif

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