The taggers have found it …

What self-respecting graffiti fiend wouldn’t want their tag on a project that’s under budget and is now scheduled to be completed a year ahead of time.

I’m told the tag on the soon-to-open rail overpass at Paseo Padre Parkway says, “eureka.”


Wasserman pulls no puppet strings on police building retrofit

UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: Wasserman adjourned without any debate. Maybe 34 won’t be so bad.

The council is still in session. If they go another 80 minutes they will have been in session on my birthday for two years in a row. Not cool.

The council just voted 4-1 to approve two contracts for the $12.25 million to retrofit the police building. Mayor Wasserman thought it was a bad deal, so he voted no. The other council members disagreed.

Earlier tonight the council didn’t stand in the way of a day care center that wanted to expand even though several nearby homeowners objected. Most council members used the opportunity to say how much they like kids.

Now they’re talking about the 2030 general plan. Union Pacific has a rep there talking about future development around the terminus of Shinn Street.


Book too explicit for Fremont students

Bastard out of Carolina got a lot of press when it was first published in 1993. Three years later, Hollywood turned it into a movie, staring Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Apparently, it’s violent. The protagonist is a girl who was molested, beaten and raped by her stepfather.

And if Fremont students want to read it, they’ll have to go to the library.

The school board earlier this month voted 3-2 to exclude it from its list of approved books. It had already been approved by a district curriculum committee, but board members Ivy Wu, Lily Mei and Larry Sweeney didn’t think it belonged in the classroom. Bryan Gephardt and Lara York felt otherwise.

Click here for the book’s Wiki synopsis.

My understanding is that the board did approve the two other books before them:
1) The Man Who was Poe  – A mystery with Edgar Allen Poe as a character
2) Code Talker – A novel about Navajo Marines in WWII.


Development sites in Fremont

The City Council this evening will once again discuss Fremont’s plan that will guide development through 2030.  Yay.

So where are new buildings likely to sprout during the next 20 years? The city has a draft list. Here it is:

1) Decoto Road from Fremont Boulevard up to Paseo Padre Parkway

2) The Shinn Terminus, which isn’t far from Quarry Lakes and would be part of the Dumbarton Rail project that may never come to pass.

3) Central Park – This was added because Councilmember Anu Natarajan wanted to discuss the idea of a restaurant/tea house  in the park.

4) Mowry Gateway – That’s the chunk of Mowry just east of I-880. Now that Puppy Love has closed, it’s ripe for redevelopment.

5) Grimmer Boulevard Corridor – This is the part of Grimmer in south Fremont west of I-880 Oops. I was looking at the wrong opportunity site. It’s Grimmer between Central Park and the future Warm Springs BART station.

6) Fremont Boulevard Corridor – They want to build a trolley down Fremont Boulevard.

7) Pacific Commons

8) Warm Springs Bart station area


Police bulding retrofit estimated at $12.25 million

The City Council is expected to approve two contracts for this project. For those who forgot, Fremont opened a new police building adjacent to the Hayward Fault in 1996. But it was designed with structural system that proved vulnerable in the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

City officials knew it was a problem during construction, but they decided it made more sense to complete the building as designed and then retrofit it later, which is now what they’re doing.


Soon to be ex-Chronicle workers protest in Fremont

Fremont doesn’t generate a lot of news, but next month it will generate a lot of newspapers. The Chronicle is in the midst of outsourcing its printing press from a company-owned plant in Union City to a Fremont plant, owned by the Canadian company Transcontinental.

That’s bad news for the 100+ guys who’ve been working for the Chronicle. They say Transcontinental doesn’t want the the new plant to be union and doesn’t want to hire any of them.

They’ll be unemployed as of June 28. “We’re trying to send a message to these guys that they can’t oursource our work,” said Angel Eaquivel, who has worked at the plant for ten years.

The guys on the picket line said they made about $22 an hour. They said Transcontintal, whose plant is on Kato Road just off of I-880, was offering about half that.


Fremont student gets good grades at overpriced east coast school

When your university 3,000 miles away has the staffing to alert your hometown newspaper reporter that you made dean’s list, you’re probably paying too much for your education.

Boston University wants everyone in Fremont to know that one their own got good grades for the Spring semester. Without financial aid that student, whose name I won’t mention, would have paid $38k just for tuition last school year.

If that student is a basketball fan, he/she would have seen his/her team lose by a point last February to my alma mater, whose in-state tuition is only $5,000 $6,769 (thanks head kvetch).


Puppy Love Boutique reportedly out of business

UPDATE: Puppy Love is getting evicted. They have until 6:01 a.m. tomorrow to leave.

It always seemed that Fremont’s only dog store drew more protesters than patrons. Now, not surprisingly, it is no more.

A protest leader sent out an email this weekend announcing that the store, which opened last summer, has closed. Protesters had rallied outside many weekends outside the store, which they said obtained many of its puppies from breeding mills where dogs are horribly mistreated. The store’s co-owner Joey Kakar insisted that wasn’t the case.

The store, located on Mowry between Blacow and Farwell, was best known for a daring late night heist last December, in which 17 puppies were stolen. The next day, a store official was severely injured after falling through a skylight on the store’s roof while trying to show police how he thought the burglars entered the store.

To read the email, click where it says to click Continue Reading