Warm Springs Marina Foods to open in “near future”

Navlet’s nursery is long gone and it’s almost time for Fremont Times Square, which will include a Marina Foods and other businesses that cater to an Asian clientele and people like me who like to have a wide selection of tofu and novelty ice cream treats. My favorite is the one with the red bean paste and vanilla ice cream on the inside and an outside wafer shaped like a fish.

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Matt Artz


  1. It looks like another row of ho-hum taupe colored crap shacks that require a half gallon of gas to visit. Bravo!

  2. For us shoppers, great ! More choices for us. Marina Foods will surely take some business from Lion Market and Safeway. Wonder when these 3 supermarkets across the street from each other compete, which one is going to close down first.

  3. It’s gone, but it isn’t “long gone.”

  4. Who cares, another damned strip mall, has Fremont City Politicians ever met a Developer that they did not like. It is a damned shame!

  5. Californiaguy –
    No, they haven’t. If there are developers looking to throw up affordable high density housing or a strip mall which needs to remain only 1/2 occupied before falling into ruin in 10-12 years, Fremont is the first place they look!!

  6. Jen, How are you handling the sprouting of those “executive homes” down the road from you?

    For me, it’s going to be a thrill to dive by a bunch of executives on my way home from work. And if I ever lose my job I can walk a stack of resumes over and talk directly to the men in charge.

  7. Yes, Jen, truly the Fremont trend is to always pull in every big-box store you can find, build on the cheap, plan on reovating every 25 years, and repeat. Isn’t it the definition of insanity to keep doing the same things over and over, while expecting a different result?

    Local elections are coming, folks. Don’t keep electing the same people over and over.

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