Center Theater update

The council just voted unanimously in favor of turning the Center Theater into a performing arts center. The city will now try to buy the theater while working with the Center Theater Preservation Group on a fundraising plan.

People who want to watch movies while drinking beer and eating pizza will have to stay home.

Matt Artz


  1. Fundraising. In this economy. Seriously. Anybody checked the unemployment figures lately?

    See, responsible people have the money FIRST, then they do the project. This is the kind of creative budgeting that’s landed Fremont $16 million into the budgetary hole. Amazing that our Fearless Leaders are choosing to invest in a Planning Commissioner’s pet project, but we still have a Senior Center that’s old, cramped, and crowded.

    How many permanent jobs will this folly bring to town? Sure it’ll employ some tradespeople to do the renovation, but what then? We need economic renovation, not this artsy-fartsy baloney. We have no money for schools or public safety, but were investing in the Dirk Lorenz perpetual ego factory.

    Priorities people. Vote the incumbents OUT.

  2. And I’m sure there’s a way to install a drop down movie screen and tap a keg inside a preforming arts center.

  3. Lou, I agree completely. Lets see what kind of fund raising you can do in fremont for a performing arts center… Make no mistake, I want it too, but I think some people are living a pipe dream.

  4. But we’ll all run in circles for another year or eight with our vision in our hands, providing interviews to Matt about our grand idea and in another year or 10 we’ll be talking about why things didn’t work out. . . . .

    I, too, would hope that we had the desire and funding to create a performing arts venue. I’m not at all sold that this particular location is right for same, for all the reasons mentioned here. I am also very skeptical as others have expressed that this has to be a tough market in which we can realistically expect to find financing and contributions necessary to fulfill this vision. (Can you think libor plus 10 points ?)

    Once again – we’re busy “trying, though.

    A line from Shawshank Redemption comes to mind – “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.” – – – Now substitute “tryin'” for “dyin'”.

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