Dale Hardware wants to expand

Dale Hardware has submitted plans to expand its Centerville district store. I haven’t seen the proposal, but I’m told the butt of a new garden center would be located approximately where city leaders had hoped to build a new road connecting Fremont Boulevard and Post Street.

It appears the store doesn’t support the new road, which is a key part of the city’s plans to redevelop the nearby  6.6-acre vacant lot at Fremont Boulevard and Thornton Avenue.

The road, which is to cut accross the vacant lot and lead to the hardware store, is slated to have storefronts and housing — not the back end of a garden center.

Matt Artz


  1. Would somebody like to explain the purpose of this new road to me? It was mentioned numerous times at last week’s council meeting, I was scrambling to find something on it….

    If I remember right the conflict ground is actually where that developer wants to build right?

  2. The City clearly doesn’t know what it wants to do with the Centerville site anyway, so why not make this change to accommodate a long-time local business – they’re the ones who don’t disappear when the economy goes south.

    I’m not related in any way to whoever owns Dale Hardware, but I know they’ve been here since Moses was a boy. If the City can pretzel themselves to accommodate every residential developer who comes around with a fat wallet and a bright idea, why can’t they help out a business that’s been here forever? Because it makes too much sense, that’s why.

  3. The Owner of Dale hardware has good sense. It is known that He does not want to work or have anything to do with the present Mayor or City Council.
    He obviously has been paying attention to the Centerville Projecy and does not want the politicians of Fremont putting the kiss of death on his project.
    He not only does not want anything to do with the road, but the whole botched Centerville Project.

  4. Curious how it is that any construction within the boundaries of the existing Dale plot-plan could impede *anything* going on across Post street (where any new street or development would occur).

    Something is odd here and I hope it is not as simple as someone downtown giving preference to design “concepts” that have historically gone nowhere for this development, over a business person who has contributed significantly to our community.

    Check my reasoning but doesn’t it seem that any significant conflict could result only if Dale were proposing to develop land on the west side of Post – AND maybe that proposal somehow ended up smack dab in the middle of some new lines the developer drew on a new piece of paper ????. .. . Of course, this theory flies in the face of reason – Dale expanding on the West of Post, however exciting, would be odd. And, if the new Dale development is on the East side of Post – I dont see how it would interfere with the “new road”. Maybe someone is concerned about the rear (the “butt” as M. Artzfully characterizes) of a proposed building facing a proposed and as-of-yet unbuilt road. Imagine that – we dont want the rear of a building facing a street. . . . let’s take a drive together shall we ?? – oh, and this ain’t exactly the latest attempt at fine buffet cuisine, this is Dale hardware we’re talking about. You MIGHT want to listen to *their* thinking.

    IF it turns out that there is some conflict, I’m certain that it can be resolved. Hopefully the re-re-re-re-development agency possesses the wisdom to instruct their proposal-writer-cum-developer to give loads of defference to a successful local business operator and DALE’s desires for expansion.

    Certainly Dale management appears to have sustained a track record of successful business contributions to Fremont. I would refrain from making the same assertion about many of the other parties involved in this planning.

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