Bloomberg still reporting NUMMI’s demise

The news outlet quotes new unnamed sources. A few weeks ago it ran a story quoting two unnamed sources that Toyota would make the Prius at NUMMI.

Click here for story.

Matt Artz


  1. That Big Sucking Sound! The Fremont businesses that depended on the Nummi folks for there livelyhood will be leaving town too! That is more far reaching than you think. I don’t see the mayor or his cronies doing much about it. When I ran for city council I stated that Fremont should start looking for new businesses to come into the city. I also stated that the most important department was our business development department. What are all of those folks in the business development department doing anyway? Maybe the are visiting China or someplace at our expense. Nummi is going down and the city should me trying to lure in another corporation to occupy that factory. Is there anybody out there that feels the way I do?

  2. Looks like we will be getting those new businesses the hard way. Long term, this will be good for the city, but short-term it will put many people out of work and have a large cirles of concentric collateral damage

  3. It makes no sense to build cars here, as is the case in much of California. The cost of living is too high. Manufacturing in general is moving out of the state anyway and sadly, NUMMI will be gone.

    Someone should do a story on the knuckleheads that ruined the baseball park deal. That would have brought thousands of construction and other jobs to the area and these people should be held accountable.

  4. A story about us “knuckleheads”? Have you even read a local paper in the last few months? Try going to the search block on this blog and put in “stadium” or “A’s” – lots of returns.

    As was stated by a wiser guy than me:

    “McJobs, not jobs. Part time jobs for ball games, concessions, ushers, parking attendents. Retail jobs in Pacific Commons, generally minimum wage/no benefits jobs. The alternative is to build, over time, more high tech industrial facilities with jobs which pay far more with good benefits.”

    By the way, we prefer the term “mob” – being called a “mob” by Our Illustrious Mayor is actually quite an honor, indicating that we are everything that he does not believe himself to be, and that’s a good thing.

  5. Many from the FCN crowd and a certain city council hopeful who has latched to them have all presented the interests of Lowe’s, Kohl’s etc as paramount Lew bolting out of Fremont. Does a checker at Kohl’s make more than a beer slinger at the ballpark?

    Lew said it himself: “all those homeowners across the freeway were threatening to sue and delay our project. That was the primary reason we gave up”.

    I think at the end of the day voters are going to consider who’s interests were preserved.

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