Fremont man elected to head Alameda County GOP

His name is Jerry Salcido, and he’s only 31-years-old — a pup. He’s also a lawyer, a home schooling parent and an essayist who doesn’t have the highest opinion of the federal reserve. Click here for that.

Matt Artz


  1. The lawsuit funded by the state GOP against half the county GOP elected members is still on.

    And now the side representing the state GOP leadership is trying to muzzle us with a gag rule where GOP elected county officials cannot criticize any republican on the county, state, or national level.

    Free speech?

  2. And a well educated Latino as well. Finally, the Republican Party is getting some youth and diversity in its ranks.

  3. Chairman Salcido served as the legal counsel to the California Homeschooling Network in their successful action to prevent the California Department of Education from requiring that all parents homeschooling their children have teaching credentials. We are happy to have Jerry as our new Chairman.

    Here are a couple more of Chairman Salcido’s articles:

    *Lockeing Up Leviathan*

    *The Separation of Marriage and State*

  4. I’ve reviewed all of Mr. Salcido’s articles on Campaign for Liberty, including “The Return of America’s Anathema”. Gives one a good picture of what the guy is about.

    Although I can’t help channeling Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons, complete with his signature delivery of “Excellent” (accompanied by kneading of hands) at the prospect of continued disunity and discord in the Grand Old Party, and the prospect of internecine litigation among warring factions just makes my day, I do sincerely hope that y’all will be able to sort out what you stand for as a party because we really shouldn’t go on long-term operating as a one-party system. We need y’all for balance, so we need you to get it together.

    BTW, Walter, never heard back from you on how all of the hoo-ha about the C Street Family will effect party recruitment. Now I’m also wondering what you think about Steele and three Republican governors declining NCLR’s invitation to attend their convention. Combined with the “thumbs down” the GOP Senators (except for Graham) gave Sotomayor, is this the best way to grow the party, particularly in an area with such a large Hispanic population? I see Kaine was there and delivered his speech in English and Spanish.

  5. With Jerry as Chair, we can begin rebuilding the party here in Alameda County. A freedom message will resonate with many east bay residents who are opposed to the ever increasing role of government and the failed policies of both insider Democrats and Republicans. His article “Separation of Marriage and State” is a good example of an alternative viewpoint that falls outside of mainstream partisan politics.

  6. Good luck with that. As I said before, we do need another party in the mix.

    Here’s how I see it:

    The Republican Party attracts many different groups, including sportsmen and other gun owners who consider their right to bear arms to be under attack, businesses and corporations (defense, energy, etc.) and wealthy individuals who benefit from limiting social programs, limiting regulations, and reducing taxes, as well as fundamentalist or evangelical Christian groups who are lobbying for social change.

    Democrats have drawn much of their support from labor unions, civil servants, environmentalists, artisans, academics, and immigrants. Democrats generally agree that government should be a force for social change, to improve the lot of the disadvantaged and to protect the individual rights of all Americans, regardless of their race, sex, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

    Based on the demographics and lifestyles of the Bay Area, which party do you think will appeal to local residents? How do you think the GOP should structure it’s platform to grow its base in the Bay Area?

    Or is it your position that Mr. Salcido will work to establish a third party, separate from the GOP? If so, what will be the core beliefs of this party, what segments of the GOP will they separate from, and what beliefs (if any) will they incorporate from the Democratic party?

  7. Lifer, Have you entertained the possibility that in time the growing portion of centrist Democrats will privy up to the role of fiscal conservatism while a faction of hard leftists will depart from the party to represent the growing portion of government dependents?

    If you consider that the pendulum is constantly edging leftward, this leaves a greater gap to be filled by those moving left of center than there is a need for the right to come back or recapture a need that isn’t there anymore.

    In that respect, I think it is the Democrat party that is filled with ironies. Obama surrounding himself with crony capitalists is one of those ironies. The “Blue Dogs” stalling his so called liberal health care initiative is another.

  8. David – it occurred to me after my last post that perhaps I should apologize if I peppered you (and maybe Walter as well) with too many questions about the GOP. Having lived here all my life, I seldom get the chance to hear directly from a Republican what they believe and what their plans are, so I may seize the opportunity a bit too firmly when it presents itself. That being said, I remain interested in your plans for growing your party, particularly in the Tri-City area.

  9. Lifer, it occurred to me that you’re full of something, and it ain’t inquisition. I posted a few of your own “peppered” statements to illustrate my point:

    “Repubs are currently bankrupt of ideas..Since you’ve proved that you can’t lead, either follow or get out of the way.”

    -Fremont Lifer


    “…maybe you can identify a candidate who isn’t currently either cheating on his wife or disappearing for days at a time.”

    -Fremont Lifer


    “Republicans lost because they are the party of a declining demographic – rural, white, religious, old…”

    “”Proud to be a party lap-dog, supporting (just about) anyone with a “D” after their name.”

    -Fremont Lifer


    Lifer, considering the insults you feel comfortable slinging around here, it’s probably best you continue your direct communications with republicans as “seldom” s possible.

  10. Marty,

    I’m sure that you were chuckling with malicious glee as you spent the time to search for and post those quotes from Fremont Lifer (it’s understandable because I’m sure your life is usually rather short on glee). It might have been wiser, however, to first reflect on the fact that Fremont Lifer has been up front about his views – so your attempt at expose falls flat = Epic Fail.

    We progressives still ask questions of people with whom we’ve disagreed. We even listen to their answers. It’s called “being open-minded.” Look it up, Marty. The only thing you’ve revealed is the smallness of your mind.

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