No new cops for Fremont

The feds announced today that Union City and Hayward are among the California cities to receive money for more police officers.

Fremont had asked for $1.2 million a year for three years — enough to pay for eight new officers. It was rejected.

The feds based the grants primarily on violent crime rates, and Fremont didn’t have enough violence to qualify, Chief Craig Steckler said. Only 14 percent of requests were granted, he added.

Fremont this year is budgeted for 185 sworn officers, but actually has 179 in uniform, Steckler said.

In 1992, the city was budgeted for 180 officers.

By Stecker’s math, he’s got five more officers patrolling a city with 40,000 more residents.

Of course, in 1992 a rookie cop made about $44,000 before overtime. Now the officer makes at least $80,000 with the city chipping in at least another $24,000 to cover the pension costs.

Matt Artz