No raises for Fremont employees

The council tonight is expected to approve two-year agreements with unions that provide for no raises. However, the city will contribute more to their health plans.

Most Newark employees have seen their pay cut each of the past two years.

Matt Artz


  1. Out of curiosity how much does a Fremont employee contribute to their health coverage? My contribution is a tad over $60/week for the family.

  2. Ha, my contribution is $150 / week for a family of 4 (plus $1500 deductible) and I work for a large software company. Seems to me that the city is racking up unsustainable debt by paying exorbitant benefits for city workers that includes health care in retirement. Me? I get to save and hope I die before my savings run out and at the rate that health care expenses are rising I think I’ll run out of money first (and then be dependent on the state for health care). We need to fix the health care issue across the US, then city workers can get raises again and we all can be guaranteed care.

  3. As I recall, the city provides the family package available from CalPERS at the minimum cost available. Kaiser was the lowest cost program available when I was there. Employees who wish a different, more expensive, program paid the difference between the Kaiser cost and the cost of the program they chose.

    Also, from my memory, retiree health care was set at an amount upon retiring and was not ever raised. That could have changed, but I doubt it.

    Reference to Newark, they have a unique system. Each employee is paid in salary the cost of their medical/dental/etc. insurance and then they purchase,through the city insurance program, what coverage they select. Where an employee is covered by a spouse coverage, they have additional income. A single person pays less than a family, so a single person has a higher income as a result, etc. And, since the cost of the benefits is included in the salary, it all counts toward retirement calculations.

  4. That’s interesting about Newark, Gus. I believe San Jose is the same, where the city pays them $400-600 per month in addition to their gold plated benefit and salary package if they opt to be covered by their spouses plan.

    This one of the many reasons I find it funny that cities like Newark, Vallejo, Stockton et al, who have no business paying employees a dime over the regional average of 45k with no benefits, are or will be bankrupt in short order.

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