Yee speaks on NUMMI

Ohlone College Trustee Garrett Yee sent us a letter to the editor about NUMMI. But we can’t run it in the paper, it appears, because he’s a stated candidate for the Assembly, and we don’t let candidates get to write letters to the editor.

This blog, however, has no such restrictions.

Yee said he has three brothers-in-law working at the plant and that he is surprised that “local officials have somewhat downplayed the impact on Fremont’s local economy.”

“This attempt to downplay the plant’s closure’s impact mischaracterizes NUMMI’s real impact. Regardless of the tax revenue that it provides directly to the city of Fremont, the larger impact is the fact that NUMMI employs approximately 5,000 workers. These 5,000 workers help to keep the local economy going. Each dollar that a NUMMI worker earns turns over in the local economy several times.”

Matt Artz


  1. Will you be posting the complete letter or is this excerpt all we’ll see of it? Perhaps Mr. Yee will post here himself – that would eliminate the middle-man. So far we’ve heard from Gus, Dirk, Alan and Vinnie under their own names, and who knows how many other local luminaries under a nom-de-plume.

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