Newsflash: Wasserman and Harrison disagree

I’m in full speculation mode this week asking folks what should happen in south Fremont IFToyota stops making cars and trucks there. It’s a touchy subject. No one wants to be seen as rooting for NUMMI’s demise, because nobody is rooting for NUMMI’s demise.

One city official asked not to be quoted and another would only talk about what the city was trying to do to keep NUMMI. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sue Chan wouldn’t even take the bait. Your newest council person doesn’t do hypothetical questions.

Luckily for me, Bob Wasserman, Bill Harrison and Bob Wieckowski do, although they want to stress that they very much want NUMMI to stay.

But if it doesn’t … ?

Wieckowski and Harrison both said the area should remain manufacturing.

Not Wasserman. He said he’d be open to a new car manufacturer taking over the plant, but if that didn’t happen, he envisioned down the road, “a very massive development” with a mix of housing, retail and office buildings.

Manufacturing jobs often pay well, but retail and homes equal higher land values and higher property taxes.

But zoning land for job growth uses doesn’t guarantee jobs. Fremont has lots of unused R&D space that is waiting for tenants.

Harrison and Wasserman are tight, but they don’t always agree. I can recall two votes in the past two years where they differed. Most recently, Wasserman went out on his own opposing a contract for retrofitting the police building.

Matt Artz