Two Fremont post offices at risk of closure

Both the Niles and Mission San Jose post offices are on a hit list released today by the U.S. Postal Service.

The postal service needs to reduce costs, so it has submitted a list of 677 post offices for possible closure or consolidation. The Washington Post reports that only about 200 will be closed after a review.

Click here for the full list.

Matt Artz


  1. This is good news for the users since all aspects of gov and the private sector MUST learn to be more efficient. Like BART employees found out, we are experiencing a new paradigm What was our birthright of 100% paid for pension and healthcare is now a shared program. I don’t need Saturday delivery, I don’t even use the mail but once per month. Stamps at ATM, on-line, UPS.

    Let’s clean house. Yes jobs will go away, but last time I looked, we don’t subsidize the horse and carriage business

  2. As Bill Maher recently said:

    “The federal government telling Detroit how to make cars, or Wells Fargo how to run a bank. You want them to look like the Post Office?”

    Yeah, actually. You mean the place that takes a note in my hand in L.A. on Monday and gives it to my sister in Jersey on Wednesday for forty two cents? Well let me be the first to say I would be thrilled if America’s health care system was anywhere near as functional as the Post Office.”

    Yes, there are great alternatives to the US Mail these days, but we still need them. I’d rather cut back on delivery days than cut back on post offices. I go to Niles because I don’t have half a day to waste standing in line at one of the larger offices.

  3. “…since all aspects of gov and the private sector MUST learn to be more efficient..” –

    Like the Fremont folks that (according to our Mayor) should be “commended” – – – for taking a “freeze” in base salary AND RECEIVED a 5 and 10% *increase* in employer-paid health care benefit. . .. ????

    WHILE – “Several cities have cut employee salaries in recent years” and “Most Newark employees have agreed to salary cuts each of the last two years. Union City employees have gone two years without a raise” – AND WHILE – many, many in the private sector have been recieving CUTS in base salary AND have been asked to pay 100% of any insurance premium increases FOR SEVERAL YEARS now. . .. . but our employees should be “commended” – I guess for their . . . . *sacrifice* ???

    Good article, Matt !

  4. “The first post office in Alameda County was established as Mission San Jose in 1850…” – Philip Holmes, Fremont Historian

    That’s before California became a state.

  5. Neighborhood office is more useful than a daily delivery. Why not deliver every other day? The bills and the junk could sure wait and the USPS could save half delivery staff and trucks with no impact on consumers. Will not people from closed office areas go to UPS and FEDEX instead of traveling to remaining USPS offices? Really dumb move but what can you expect!

  6. The USPS should buy the internet, then they can charge to send email.

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