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Vinnie had the scoop. I don’t know about this guy; he might be too old for the office, probably can’t even dunk. Courtesy of Hogue News.

The new social, fiscal conservative is Businessman Ken Miller.

Miller for Gov LogoThe Republican Fremont resident is 50-years old Ken Miller.

Miller is married to Kathy Miller, (12 years), and they are the proud parents of two daughters.

He is a devout Christian, pro-life in every aspect and supports marriage, family and individual liberties.

In Miller’s recent book, (”What’s Great About America”), he writes, “Ever since the Gold Rush, California has taken a leadership role in America. It has been the head, not the tail”.

California’s influence is easily seen in world culture. It is this candidate’s firm belief that “California will continue strongly in this leadership role, despite the current political and financial hindrances.”

Ken Miller will announce his candidacy tomorrow (Saturday, August 1st) at 11AM at the home of George and Patty Landavazo; 150 Williams Court, Fremont, California 94536.

The campaign website is to be launched by Monday, August 3rd; it reads www.kencares2010.com for those needing more on this long-shot newcomer to the gubernatorial road. (campaign staff number is 415-272-7583)

I spoke with Ken Miller by phone this after, here are a few of his answers to my questions:

The easilest of questions; why are you running for Governor?

“There’s an old story that talks about the ’trees of the forest’ wanting a king. They went to the olive tree, and its was too busy growing olives. They went to the fig tree, and it was too busy growing figs. They asked the vine, and it was too busy producing wine. Finally, the calculating tumbleweed stepped up  to the plate.”

“The forest turn itself over to the tumbleweed, a dead weed that had no branches for shade, and produced no living thing. All the tumbleweed did was manipulate, control and destroy the life of the forest. Eric, this is the problem we have right now in California; we have turned our Golden State over to the tumbleweed politicians who manipulate, intimidate and such the life right out of this state.”

How do you plan to get your message out to the voters in a multi-million-dollar race?

“I am starting with a ‘State Walk’. My campaign will begin near the Oregon border as my campaign will be walking, driving and riding the entire length of the great state of California as we meet people where they live. I am planning meetings in cafes, dinners, town halls, residential homes – anywhere we can to speak with the people of this state.”

“The voters are looking for three things: trust, commitment and care. They will find out that I am trustworthy, I am committed to this cause and I care about what they care about – not what government cares about.”

How can you think you’re able to compete with the celebrities and millionares called Meg Whitman, Steve Poisner and Tom Campbell?

” I know the number one question is money; listen, I am not a millionaire. This race is not about money for me. Sure, I’ll be receiving donations as I journey the state meeting with her people, but I am not a self-funded candidate. What you have in me is a grassroots conservative who desires to be a righteous politician for California. I am not playing the money, money who has the most money game right now – there have been many a candidate who lead the money game and finished last in vote the night of an election.”

“I am taking this campaign to the people  – as the  Doobie Brother’s would say – I am taking it to the street. I will be going where other candidates will not go; small towns, small groups and the rural portions of California that are constantly ignore by the politicians until someone in Sacramento realizes they need more money for their tax and spend addictions.”

His name is Ken Miller; tomorrow he starts the journey.

Can an up-start, true moral conservative create a ground-swell of interest with only $5 million and no name recognition in a state the size of California…and one that is as enamored with celebrity as California is?

He’ll find out one way, or the other, soon enough.

Matt Artz


  1. Hmmm – a devout Christian Republican who touts his marriage and family credibility – where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah – Sanford, Vitter, Ensign, Craig . . .

    BTW, Matt, it won’t be that long in the big scheme of things before you’re 50; It’ll be interesting to see of you think you’re to old for important things like public office then.

  2. The name is Ken Miller? Great. Might as well be John Smith. How about this fellow’s full name and some background (where he works, what he does, college, etc.). So far, I’ve seen nothing in his statement but platitudes and nothing to differentiate him from all the others with the same name.
    When I google that name I get everything from a Ken Miller who says his age is 109 to two Ken Millers who are sex offenders (North Carolina and Florida).
    With a name that common, it would seem wise to (at a bare minimum) use a middle initial.

  3. While we’re at it, perhaps we should all take a look at his birth certificate. As a good Republican, certainly Mr. Miller can produce one.

    Eyes, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who Googles local political hopefuls. One never knows what one is going to find, does one?

    He might as well enter the Council race – he’d have a better chance. Must have his own deep pockets or somebody wealthy supporting him, because realistically his chances at the State level are about as good as Mary Carey or Gary Coleman. Sure everybody’s got a right to run, but the fact is that the GOP has far more qualified candidates with better name-recognition and long-term party ties that they’ll invest their time and money in. Republicans don’t fund bad bets or long shots, ‘specially these days.

  4. “Hmmm – a devout Christian Republican who touts his marriage and family credibility – where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah – Sanford, Vitter, Ensign, Craig”

    …John Edwards. Isn’t that funny, lifer? You voted for a VP who cheats on his wife while she’s recovering from cis platin treatment, then have the nerve to frame sleaze as an exclusive Republican epidemic.

    Keeping on the topic of the CA governors race, Gavin Newsom banging his good friends wife comes to mind. The key is not to “tout”, and be a Democrat.

  5. Nice to see others picking up the story of Ken Miller, but as a journalist, sure would be nice to see some “credits” versus calling the “scoop” your own as you simply ‘copy and paste’. Funny how ethics get tossed aside. Next time, take the time to at least re-write the post.

    Whatver; if you want to follow the story – as well as others breaking in Sacramento – visit HOGUE NEWS http://www.hoguenews.com

  6. Mary,
    I really don’t think you want to start a contest of which party has had more sex-related scandals. Just as you only came up with one name compared to Lifer’s easy four (and these names were just in the last several months), the key is always the fact that the Republicans that Lifer named were, without exception, loud and long on proclaiming themselves as Devout Pro-Family Christians. It’s the hypocrisy!!

  7. Campaign phone number 415 area code? San Francisco. I guess they can’t elect a republican in SF so they have to try somewhere else.

  8. My intention wasn’t to start a contest, Eyes. It was to prove that Lifer is a total hypocrite.

  9. Marty,
    If that was your intention, you missed your mark by a country mile. Let’s review: Lifer is not the one loudly proclaiming to be a Devout Pro-Family Christian. The Republican Party makes a big deal out of being Devout Pro-Family Christian and the Republicans that Fremont Lifer mentioned, Sanford, Vitter, Ensign, have all especially made being Devout Pro-Family Christians the hallmark of their campaigns and careers. This stuff is a formal, written part of the Republican Party platform.

    On the other hand, it’s not in the Democratic Party platform nor are Democrats usually known for loudly proclaiming it. Democrat Edwards, for example, soft-pedalled his religion. Do you see a difference?

  10. Absolutely there are marital sins aplenty in the Democratic party. No doubt about it. Nobody in the Democratic party has a better (or worse) chance of not falling down on some of the Ten Commandments.

    The difference, of course, is that Democrats generally don’t make their religiosity and moral fiber the centerpiece of their campaign or spend a lot of time calling for others who have moral lapses to surrender their campaigns or offices. They don’t turn their children’s private lives into the stuff of soap operas (I’m lookin’ at you, Sarah), or publicly embrace family values while they’re still making whoopee with their mistresses. In the world of politics, hypocrisy is a tough market to corner, but lately the Republicans have been making a Microsoft-level effort to do it.

    Lifer left out Newt Gingrich, who not only married his high-school teacher, divorced one of his wives while she was recuperating from cancer surgery, and was diddling an intern while he was calling for Clinton’s impeachment for diddling an intern. An Olympic gold-medal hypocrite.

  11. Thanks for the assist, Eyesbright. Fortunately for us, there’s lots of sane people around, and many of them post here.

    As my dear mamma told me, “Never wrestle with a pig – you both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

  12. This guy has been married three times! Conservative republican that believes in marriage- yea, I guess he does! But what experience does he have? I looked for his book- no where to be found. A gung-ho repulican conservative runnning for gov of california- yea, good luck with that.

  13. And his website, promised to be up on August 3rd, is still not available today (August 4). Failing on something so mundane is no way to start a campaign.

    Hey, Bill Smith, where do you get your information?

  14. If Garrett Yee has $110K in his war chest already for an Assembly seat, you can extrapolate how much coin it’ll take to run a successful Gubernatorial campaign. Like young Mr. Shah with his Council bid, I hope Mr. Miller has a great time running and learns a lot from the process, but realistically he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell. I can’t wait to see his first TV ad.

    Ms. Whitman has that long green EBay money and Mr. Poizner was a high tech entrepreneur – those are some pretty deep pockets to start with, before you even start collecting campaign donations. Mr. Campbell has a career of public service at the State and Federal level; what experience does Mr. Miller have? California is one of the major economies in the world, not just in the US. Seems like it would help if you go into office knowing how to drive a big economy – haven’t we learned that from electing Schwarzenegger?

    Then factor in the GOP’s ongoing problem in defining it’s core principles without alienating moderates, independents, and minority voters and it looks to me like Mr. Miller’s got a pretty tough sell on his hands.

    Good luck with that!

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