Wieckowski’s supporters

Bob Wieckowski dropped by The Argus Friday to give me a copy of his campaign contribution filing. Garrett Yee said his should be online soon at this web site. I don’t think it’s been posted yet.

Wieckowski actually collected just over $60,000 in contributions from January to the end of June: Here are some of the more familiar names to me:

Charlotte Allen – $100 – Opponent of Patterson Ranch member of Fremont Citizens Network
American Animal Hospital –$1,000 – Owned by the Salwans, who also own a lot of real estate, especially in Hayward and gave Wieckowski an additional $500 from their property company.
David Bonaccorsi —  an attorney and Planning Commissioner
Fremont Firefighter Union — $3,900, which is the maximum
Friends of Alberto Torrico — $3,900
Gus Morrison — $100
Pacific General Construction/ Developer Ray Tong — $200
The Saddle Rack — $500
David Sloss — $100 Fremont Symphony
Craig Steckler — $100 Fremont Police Chief
Team Anu Natarajan — $1,250
Committee to re-elect Scott Haggerty — $500
Unitek — $1,000
Bob Wasserman — $500
John Wong of Mission Peak Co. — $500 including his wife
Judith Zlatnik — $250

Wieckowski got about $3k from different LLCs with the address, 43951 Boscell. That is the address of Vantec, a computer accessory company.

Matt Artz