Check out Garrett Yee’s contributers

Garrett emailed me a copy of his list:


Here are some selected contributers:

Asian American for Good Government PAC –$3,900
Bernard Stewart — $500 — He’s a Washington Hospital Board Member
Sue Chan — $1,000 — Another $1,000 from her hubby
Steve Cho — $500
Al Huezo — $208  — Newark City Council and former City Manager
JD Global Law Group –$500 — Home and former home to last two Citizens for Better Community leaders
Fazlur Khan — $100 amigo mio
Maria Rogers — $500 Wife of Jack Rogers who is a co-owner of Besaro Mobile Home Park and many other things around town.
James Tong — $500 – developer
Carole Treadway — $100 – wife of the former Ohlone President
Ivy Wu — $1,000 Fremont School Board Member
Carole Yamaguchi — $500 mother of figure skating gold medalist
Adrian Zamora — $100 — world champion foosball player

OK, ready for some Dutras?
Ann Marie Dutra — $650
Bernadine Dutra — $3,900
Diana Dutra — $500
Dianna Dutra — $650
Dominic Dutra $500
John Dutra the younger — $3,250 x2. I don’t know if it’s a typo, but he’s down twice for a total of $6,500. Max contribution is $3,900.
John Dutra the elder — $3,900
Lisa Dutra — $500
Tony Dutra — $650
Dutra Enterprises, Inc. — $3,250
Cynthia Dutra-Brice — $400

Matt Artz


  1. This is very helpful and the kind of info that local voters need to make a more educated choice. I assume you’ll be posting Mr. Wieckowski’s Form 460 also?

  2. Matt,
    Thank You, Thank You, This is a very important information.
    This is a key part of investigating, who to vote for. Hopefully we will see all candidate contributers.
    See what you have started Matt.

  3. Interesting stuff … While his $110k raised is a gaudy number, you look at how much the Dutras gave around $18,000 (added them in my head so i may be off) and you see that one family gave about roughly 10% of Mr. Yee’s contributions. I don’t know all the CBC honchos but I figure they gave around $10 K. So two groups gave a large percentage of Yee’s contributions. Will Yee be able to sustain such fundraising if his base is mainly from these two groups? And is Wieckowski’s contributions more reflective of the rank-and-file Democrats?

  4. Oops, Kyle – Yee’s running for State Assembly, not City Council.

  5. This really weird, I have never heard of a Democrat exclusively raising money from small businesses and individuals all over $100. Not one liberal cause group! Some of these people are listed as “unemployed” and I cant figure out how they can afford such donations. Even weirder is Ted Lieu donated the maximum to Yee. Lieu is running against Torrico for AG. Also look at the surnames it is as if he got $100 from every Asian person in Fremont. Also when you take into account his $33,000 loan/bills he has only $70,000 cash on hand. This is very strange indeed.

  6. Ah I see from one of Artz’s latest blog entries about Livengood joining the Assembly race that Yee loaned himself $26k. so minus that and the Dutra family contributiion and you basically have a dead heat in fundraising between all participants. Not sure how much more the Dutra family can give Yee given contribution limits, we’ll see if Yee can continue to raise as much as the other candidates.

  7. There’s got to be more to it than the Ohlone connection – that’s a lot of coin for the Dutras to put down based only on attending the same college meetings. Who donates $20K (collectively) to any campaign without a pretty clear understanding about what they’re going to get in return?

  8. Not happy that another candidate is bought and paid for by the Dutras. I cannot support someone that is in the hip pocket by the Dutras. Look at what the Dutras have done with all the development in Fremont WITHOUT an infrastructure to support it. Got burned once before supporting a Dutra backed candidate. Suzanne Chan are you listening?

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