Fremont team in Little League Senior World Series

Greetings from Great Neck, NY. — home to many great baseball fans, but no players of note, unless you count Whitey Ford, who moved here after his playing days were over.

Not so Fremont. The town, which produced Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley, has a squad in this year’s Little League Senior World Series. The Niles Centerville team beat an outfit from SoCal in the Western Regional Finals to reach the Big Dance back east.

Little League International covers the expenses for players and coaches, but not for families, so the team is trying to raise some cash before they hit the field next week in Bangor, Maine. If you want to contribute, email Moira Jacobs at President@NCLL.US.

If you’re wondering why they’re going to Maine, and not Williamsport, PA, the senior team is a little older and their World Series doesn’t get as much hoopla as the one for the younger kids.

Matt Artz


  1. Longtime Niles Centerville fan-congrats to all the players and coaches. Looking forward to watching the team play in the televised championship game!

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