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This group is for people from Fremont, CALIFORNIA…not other Fremonts, because I know there are others.

You know you’re from Fremont if…

You always see Mission Peak off in the distance.

You take 680 or 880 to get out of Fremont.

You take BART to get out of Fremont, to Berkeley or SF or Oakland.

You have been to the Top of the World.

You have been to Mission San Jose, Irvington, Centerville, Niles, and Warm Springs.

You have heard people call it “Freakmont” (which is pretty lame).

You have read Kite Runner and knew of the places they were talking about.

You know where to get good Indian food.

You know where to get good Afghan food.

You speak or know many people who speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Farsi, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Spanish, Sindhi, Kannada, Tamil, Urdu, and more….(let me know).

You remember when the front of Mission Peak started eroding, and now has that rocky spot on it.

You know that Mission Peak turns green in the winter, and golden in the summer.

You realized that the A’s are moving to Fremont.

You have to go to Newpark, Stoneridge, Great Mall, Valley Fair, or Santana Row to go shopping.

You listen to 89.3.

You have chilled at Bay Street Coffee.

You went to Mission, Irvington, Washington, Kennedy, American, Robertson, or Fremont Christian (High Schools).

You or your parents immigrated to Fremont from another country.

You know that Logitech was started in Fremont.

You know that MC Hammer used to live in Fremont, and have seen his house.

You have heard that story about the ghosts at the Bed & Breakfast on Mission Blvd.

You see the bay off in the distance when you look to the west, and you can see San Francisco in certain places.

You realized that Newark is actually surrounded by Fremont.

You remember when Mission didn’t have a football team.

You know that Fremont has the largest Afghan population in the United States.

You know that motion pictures started in Niles of Fremont (not Hollywood!), and that is where Charlie Chaplin started out his career.

You are shocked when you hear that caucasians are not a minority in the United states, nor were they a minority in Fremont until recently.

You know that Kristi Yamaguchi grew up in Fremont and graduated from Mission, but she also went to Washington, Centerville Jr. High, and Niles Elementary.

You know that the Mission San José isn’t in San Jose…it’s actually in Fremont.

You know where Lake Elizabeth is and remember when they used to have fireworks there, but then fireworks were banned in Fremont.

You remember the movie theaters that we had before they were changed to NAZ8 theaters.

You have gotten a ticket from Officer Rosetti.

You went to Capitol City Driving School…and had Collin as your teacher.

You have been to the Niles or Ohlone Fleamarket.

You learned to swim at Fremont Swim School.

You or people you know constantly complain that Fremont is boring, even though SF, Palo Alto, and SJ are no more than 30 minutes away.

You graduated at TAK.

You or someone you know got a tattoo at Tattoo U II.

You have been to the secret sidewalk.

You have driven up Morrison Canyon Road or Mill Creek Road with your lights off.

You have been to the haunted house near Chili’s on Halloween.

You remember going to Hobbee’s before it changed about five times.

You have had Cloverdale Creamery milkshakes.

You know what Harvard on the Hill is.

You know that Washington HS had two television shows on it…Switched and Super Sweet 16.

You have been to Cloverleaf or Mowry lanes.

You have been to Bay Billiards.

You know about “Murder Springs.”

You have chilled at Quikstop or 7-11 to get a slurpee.

You have climbed Mission Peak.

You know about the guy who climbs Mission Peak everyday with his dog.

You have seen that guy around Bay Street with tattoos on his face.

You were really excited for Pacific Commons until it actually opened, and then you realized there isn’t much to do there.

You used to be really excited if it snowed on top of Mission peak because it only happens once every ten years.

You know that Fremont has the second largest population of Indians besides New Jersey.

You still call it Ice-O-Plex even though it’s called Shark’s something…

You have been to the farmer’s market (which is every Sunday) in Irvington.

You know about the ghost lady that haunts Niles Canyon Road on Halloween.

You remember that rusty boat in the big field off Paseo Padre between Driscoll and Grimmer.

You remember when the Haunted House was on Emerson before it moved to its current location.

You have been to Cancer Park and you don’t know the name.

You know that Kennedy HS didn’t have a Varsity Soccer team for a while.

You have seen the tan lady ride her bike with the colorful clothes on Mission Blvd.

You know what goes on at Cancer Park…

You don’t care what team wins, but as long as they beat Logan.

You know that Fremont was named after John C. Fremont, a famous explorer, an American military officer, the first candidate of the Republican Party for the office of the President of the United States, and the first presidential candidate of a major party to run on a platform in opposition to slavery.

You know that there’s a Charlie Chaplin day every year in June after the man who made Niles.

You remember when the Class of 05’ either graduated at Lake Elizabeth or at their high school, because TAK was closed that year.

You have ever been to Mill Creek Academy and met Mrs. Sabraw.

You know that Terminator 2 was filmed in Fremont??? Really?

You have seen the homeless blue tarp lady in front of Washington Mutual on Paseo Padre.

You knew of the ice cream place at the Hub next to Togo’s…called Leatherby’s.

You see or remember seeing crazy Asian lady drivers with visors and white gloves…and SARS masks??? (well, not all Asian lady drivers…this is not meant to be racist!).

You remember when Vintage Grove was the Weibel Winery.

You remember when the City of Fremont moved Stanford Avenue a block north and uprooted all the olive trees.

You know that Olive Avenue used to be one long, straight street.

You know that every year people at Mission go paint their year on top of the hill in chalk or paint.

You have seen the black lady with the head wrap that sits on the bench on Paseo Padre.

You call them E-Bar and Tap-Ex.

You remember when the grocery store in Warm Springs was Lucky’s.

You took class field trips to Ardenwood Farm.

You have been to or swam in the Quarry Lakes.

You take visitors to see the upside down airplane…???

You remember when Deion Sanders from the 49ers lived in Fremont, and you played in front of his house.

You have seen that model airplane flying around that open field where Warm Springs Blvd. and South Grimmer meet.

You remember when we didn’t have an In-N-Out, and you had to drive hella far to get to one.

You have had a birthday party at Cal-Skate.

You remember the haunted house on Decoto Rd., which turned into a Rite Aid, and now is a Century 21 office.

You or someone you know has ran through the Time Tunnels near Mission without a flashlight.

You have played Ultimate Tag at Ohlone after 10pm.

You refer to the ghost of Niles Canyon as the white witch.

You know that the tree in the playground of Niles Elementary doesn’t really have leaches on it.

You know that the roads are pretty crappy…well some of them are getting better.

You have raced someone down Cushing Parkway.

You know that Angels and Airwaves’ Ryan Sin grew up in Fremont, and his dad teaches PE at Irvington HS.

Bicentennial Man was filmed in Fremont. (Really?? Which part?)

You describe our location in the East Bay as “the end of the BART line.”

You rode on one of those pedal boats at Lake Elizabeth.

You know that the bike lady with colorful clothes used to own that land opposite of MSJHS and then they sold it when her father died, so the street Pimentel is named after her mother.

You swam in the Central Park Lagoon by Lake Elizabeth before it was closed to make a water park.

You went to Ohlone College at some point.

You played at Discovery Zone at the Hub when you were young. (hell yea!)

You know where the Big Tree is.

You have eaten at Esteban’s Burritos.

You remember Mission Pizza at the old location, and you know the guy who wears the cowboy hat (not sure what his name is).

You know of Godfather’s Pizza next to the 2 Dollar movie theatre.

You moved to Pleasanton after high school.

You have driven down Paseo, and have been surprised by a hiding cop from Washington to Driscoll, so you try to drive 35mph.

You know that there are two Mission Blvd. exits on 680.

You know that the McDonalds on Mission is supposed to look like a mission.

You have been to or volunteered at Washington Hospital and you were a maroon-shirt volunteer.

You sometimes forget if a store/restaurant is on Paseo Padre or Fremont Blvd.

You have seen someone wearing a sari on the street and you barely noticed.

You know that you need to check whether a movie is playing at Newark or Fremont theatre (and you know that the Newark one has 7 movies playing and the Fremont one has 8 movies playing).

You think you’re cool because we are in the 510 area code (but we are hella cool, right?).

You have driven by the mission when someone is getting married.

You know that Mission and Paseo are parallel for the most part, but they eventually intersect.

You have had a BBQ at Lake Elizabeth.

You know why they call it “Cancer Park,” and maybe know its real name.

You know where the fire department is on Paseo (right by Cancer Park).

You have eaten at Mission Burger.

You know the Fremont accent (I don’t think we really have an accent haha).

You remember all the renovations of Denny’s.

You still call Albertson’s Lucky’s…except we don’t have an Albertson’s anymore.

You spent all day at Montgomery Ward.

You have been to Nicolet during Christmas to see decorations and you have been to that street on Nicolet to get free candy canes (where is this place?).

You have seen Mission McDonalds when it is overly decorated, whether it’s for Christmas, high school graduation, etc.

You are afraid to drive near MSJHS during 7:25-7:45am, and 2:20-2:40pm.

You are excited about the Globe (where is this?).

You can tell which part of Fremont someone grew up in by the type of car they drive.

You wonder why Mission has 22 valedictorians and no salutatorians…haha very true.

You know that the “Christmas tree” at the Mission McDonalds is just a pole with lights strung from it…hahahaha that’s funny actually.

You love Fremont’s diversity and think it’s cute when others think they know what diversity is.

You grew up in a place where you could have heard catholic mass in more than five languages, or gone to any other type of Christian church that exits, or a mosque, or a couple of Hindu temples, a Gurdwara, a Theravada Buddhist temple, or a Mahayana Buddhist temple, with a Zoroastrian and Jain Center only a few miles outside the city (I don’t really understand what any of that is, I just copied it from the person who wrote it.).

You sometimes complain about your hometown (well, not everyone), but then get pissed when people who have never been there make fun of it.

You cut class to go to Esteban’s Burrito because he wouldn’t be there past 2.

You used to go to Q-Zar.

You know exactly where to buy a goat.

You used to pass by a lot of graveyards where there are now residential homes.

You have been to the Mission Museum on a field trip…or just on your own.

You volunteered to work in Washington Hospital during high school.

You remember when people in the Weibel area were moved to Irvington High School.

You know about the sunken “Ghost Town.”

You went to Mission Peak and/or Coyote Hills for field trips.

You ran up Mill Creek Road at some point.

You call Genie’s Nails and she recognizes your voice and knows who you are and exactly what you’re calling about.

You have been waiting forever and wondering when New Park will get their movie theatre and be remodeled.

You don’t go to Cinedome East because of the rats.

You remember when the closest Walmart was in Union City.

You remember when Irvington made Floats during spirit week.

You wonder when they’re going to build that water park.

You remember when the police station was a huge empty lot.

You remember when the old city hall wasn’t torn down.

You have been to the art festival on Fremont Blvd.

You remember when the Hub was sort of fun.

You have been to the library over by Lake Elizabeth.

You remember when there were only two playgrounds by Lake Elizabeth.

You have driven around the DMV and are familiar with all the odd areas (such as the “no right turn on red” sign and the circle thing you go around).

You went to Karts & Golf for birthday parties.

You remember when Old Navy was in Newpark Mall.

You remember what the road looked like before construction on Mission Blvd. between Sunol and Mowry.

You have been to the cornfield.

You know how to catch crawfish at Lake Elizabeth.

You know that the main Catholic church in Fremont is Holy Spirit.

You have driven over the Dumbarton Bridge.

You read the Argus.

You know where the flag sales are.

You went to Fremont’s 50th Anniversary at Lake Elizabeth in 2006.

You know that Fremont has its own theme song written by Steve E. King. (really???)

You know that Dennis Eckersley lived in Fremont.

You know what Spot 4 is.

You have had to call in or be on a list to get into Avalon.

You look forward to when the Irvington and Warm Springs BART stops are made.

You know that Fremont was voted the best city in California to raise kids two years in a row.

You miss Book Bucks and Book It.

You know what goes on at the Stanford street.

You have been to Club Mango.

You played in the FYSL for soccer.

You are waiting for Pacific Commons to build a movie theatre (are they going to?).

You consider people from Newark to be from Fremont.

You know that when restaurants go out of business, they are replaced by Chinese buffets.

You were angry when Fremont banned fireworks, so you just went to Newark or Union City to buy them.

You used to go to the Ardenwood Corn Maze and get pumpkins.

You miss The Wherehouse, and Tower Records.

UPDATED: August 7, 2007

You also know how to get out of Fremont without using 680 or 880.

You know that the police department was built on a fault line.

You also know that Mission San Jose HS, Hopkins Jr. High, and Chadbourne Elementary School were also built on a fault line.

You know that guy Phil at Mission Pizza, who has those classic old cars.

You used to look forward to getting those free game cards at Cloverleaf Bowling.

You know that there was sometimes a petting zoo at the Hub.

You remember when Jack’s Bar and Grill (Fremont Hub) was Marie Calendar’s.

You remember when that restaurant called “Pasta?” was Uno Pizzeria (which I think is something different now).

You know that the American Eagles and the Washington Huskies were rivals, and the Kennedy Titans and the Irvington Vikings were rivals….(who were the MSJ Warriors’ rivals? Haha).

You know that Lamond Murray is the only NBA player from Fremont, who went to Kennedy High School.

You know that Len Wiseman, the guy who directed the movie Underworld, is from Fremont, and went to American High. He is married/engaged to Kate Beckinsale.

You have donated or shopped at Thrift Town.

You know what Allegro is, if you’re a musician.

Your parents let you play at the Kid’s Park at the Hub.

You remember there was a Sizzler at the corner of Stevenson and Balentine Dr. (near Newpark Mall)…well this is Newark I guess.

Your junior high dances were DJ’d by High Top Posse.

You wonder what that weird roof thing is at the top of the courthouse parking lot.

You remember the restaurant Spoons.

You remember when the Warm Springs Jamba Juice was a Dryers Ice Cream Parlor.

You used to buy cheap stink bombs at Beaman’s, which is now a dentist’s office.

You know which hill at Coyote Hills is Nike Hill.

You remember when the two story Target was built (at Newpark?).

You know that Bill Walsh used to coach Washington High School.

You remember when Terrell Owens played on the 49ers and lived in Fremont, and had an orange convertible Bug.

You remember when at the corner of Fremont and Mowry, where Valero is now, they used to have 1 cent per gallon days.

You remember when MSJHS was on CNN a few months ago.

You played sports for CYO, NJB, FYSL, FAST, FFL, or MSJA.

You remember the golf course and Brew Pub on the Green, the first microbrewery in this area.

You remember having birthday parties at Farrell’s, and then shopping at the Emporium for your birthday present.

You have been to both Chubby’s Burgers.

You remember what there used to be on AutoMall before Pacific Commons.

You know that Esteban’s is closed and you are upset.

You remember the Super Saver movie theatre, where movies were only 2 dollars.

You know where Five Corners is.

You remember when Cushing Parkway was a dead-end.

You remember the road that existed off Mission Blvd. that went all the way up to the Mission Peak hiking area, until they closed it down for a residential area.

You remember the fruit stand that was on the corner of Driscoll and Mission.

You knew someone who went to Challenger.

You had Mike Rabgo do all your high school graduation and class ring things.

You know that the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Job hosted by Mike Rowe came to Fremont to do a segment on the Fremont Fire Department.

You have been swimming above and below the dam in Niles Canyon.

You remember when the Hub was the only shopping center in Fremont.

You have been to a double feature at the Fox Theatre, and there was only one screen in the theatre.

You remember spotting the man with one arm and the killer tan running all over Fremont.

You watched submarine races in the bay from a hilltop that had been cleared to build houses.

You have been to Fremont Airport to watch the gliders.

You think of East as Mission Peak and West as the Bay.

You have been cruising on Fremont Blvd on a summer Saturday night.

You have eaten a pig’s trough at Farrell’s.

You actually know who TAK stadium was named after, and you know the story about him.

You remember when those two playgrounds at Lake Elizabeth were made of wooden poles as forts, and cement poles as tunnels.

You were caught between the trains in Irvington…but you now know that one of them is not in service.

You remember “Nagata’s Brother’s” and used to get your pumpkins there every Halloween.

You know that the current and previous world record holder for solving a Rubik’s cube one-handed is from Fremont, as well as the fastest female Rubik’s cube solver…they’re all siblings.

You know that the band “The Subtle Way” was started in Fremont.

You remember when there was a Hobbee’s on Fremont Blvd., and you could get a free meal if you brought in pictures of yourself outside of California.

And of course…

You know that Fremont is actually the center of the universe

Matt Artz