Fremont’s Biggest Tax Scofflaw

The Board of Equilization came out with a list of the state’s biggest scofflaw. A friend of mine spotted this 7-figure one in Fremont.

CA 94539-5222 03/09/2004 $ 1,124,296.53

Full list: http://www.boe.ca.gov/cgi-bin/deliq.cgi


In Union City, Fuddruckers is listed for more than $500k

Matt Artz

  • Andrew Cavette – Former Intern

    Well, a quick google map search confirms that this business in slightly closed… and torn down… and has had houses built upon its land.

    In fact 982 Washington is now the street: Palm Place.

    Old Fremont folks will remember the building set back from Washington with the red diamonds on the front.


  • http://warmspringsonline.com Steve Wyant

    It looks like the company moved to a building on Warm Springs Blvd., and I would assume it was some time ago, as their website is copyright 2001 (http://www.iemfg.com). I actually emailed their president regarding the tax news and the possible incorrect address. It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

  • http://www.iemfg.com Edward Rossi

    Industrial Electric Mfg., Inc. no longer is in operation. This company was liquidated for the benefit of creditors in June 2003. The property owners sold the site at 982 Washington, and as noted in the prior comment, a housing development is now on the former factory site.

    Our business, The New IEM LLC, began operations in Fremont after the purchase of assets from the liquidated company with new ownership in January 2004. One of the assets purchased was the trade name, Industrial Electric Mfg, but there is no other business or legal relationship.

    Ed Rossi