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Nouvelle Bistro in Mission San Jose has closed. It’s supposed to reopen in a few months at Pacific Commons. The new address will be 43807 Boscell Road.

Matt Artz

  • pacificcomons

    The restaurant will open December 2009.


  • Jimmy Hillman

    I just saw that Carino’s Italian Grill at Pacific Commons has closed. Does anyone know why? I read it quickly but I believe the note on the door said it had lost its liquor license. Is a new restaurant going to open in that building?

    I saw the nearby Starbucks is shuttered as well. Is Pacific Commons already beginning its downslide?

  • Jen

    The last time I went into that Starbucks that closed, they said they were closing b/c of the close proximity of the drive through Starbucks just down Auto Mall. I think that one did a lot more business.