A Republican for State Assembly

While Bob Wieckowski, Garrett Yee and Bob Livengood square off for the all-important Democratic nomination to replace Assemblyman Alberto Torrico next year, a Republican challenger has emerged.

Adnan Shahab, 31, announced that he’ll run for the seat as a Republican, which he knows means that he has little chance to win.

While there’s a probably a better chance of Fremont getting a Saks Fifth Avenue than there is of it electing a Republican to the State Assembly, Shahab, who ran for City Council in 1998, says he’ll campaign hard and hopefully change some people’s minds about conservatives.

Shahab grew up in the Northgate neighborhood, went to Washington High School and UC Berkeley, has dabbled in radio (he’d make a great conservative talking head) and now works in a San Jose Card Room making sure everything is kosher.

He hates taxes, is pro-choice, adores Alex P. Keaton, supports concealed weapons laws, is anti-gay marriage, but pro-civil union, and anti-illegal immigration.

I tried my best to get him to agree that former NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress got a raw deal with that two-year sentence for shooting himself in the leg, but he didn’t take the bait. He said he’s “a law and order guy.” Poor Plax.

He’s not too into the ethnic identity thing, but for what it’s worth, he’s part Pakistani and part Filipino.

Matt Artz


  1. Hey Matt Artz, Why not share a link with Adnan’s website or something useful, as opposed to a link to information about Alex Keaton and Plaxico Burress? We know Burress is your hero and everything, but lets stay on topic. Fremont deserves to hear Mr. Shahab’s ideas. I liked what I heard about taxes, illegal immigration and concealed carry.

    Adnan Shahab for State Assembly:


  2. I’m trying to recall if Matt has included URL’s for candidate websites in the past. Post it by all means, but be careful to post all candidates URL’s if you post one. Fair’s fair.

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