Niles and Mission post offices still at risk

The U.S. Postal Service has trimmed its list of potential post office closures from nearly 700 to 413. Sadly for Fremont, the post offices in Niles and Mission San Jose are still on the list.

Being on the list doesn’t guarantee closure.

Matt Artz


  1. And we care why? Snail mail is dead tech supplanted by email and if you must, UPS/FedEX. Why spend public monies supporting post offices that underserve the public? Fremont doesn’t need 3 post offices, cut the offices, save the money and keep postage rates low. I can always go to the private UPS / FedEX stores to do mail anyway.

  2. John: Good for you. I drop a letter in the box at my office, and for 44 cents it gets there. Snail mail aint dead yet, just needs some adjustments.

  3. If they close the Mission and Niles Post Office so what. Fremont still has three post offices. How many do we need?
    Technology is changing our culture, but some people hang on to the old ways.
    Change is never easy for some people.

  4. Just raise the prices. .50 or .75, I’ll pay it when I need a letter delivered.

  5. One reason to be concerned about the closure of post offices is that the US Postal Service is a major employer. If closing offices leads to cutting back on employees, that would effect not only the people who held those jobs, it would also impact our local economy.

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