More reason not to expect a city tax on Fremont’s ballot next year

Just talked to Bill Harrision. He also isn’t gung ho about trying to pass a tax measure next year.

He does think the city needs one,  but …

“Is it this June, this November,” he said. “Personally right now I don’t think so, but I’m not going to rule anything out.”

Matt Artz

  • http://www.ishanforcouncil.com Ishan Shah

    ask him if he’s running next year! 😀

  • Lou Vandelay

    That would be nice to know – I’d been assuming that he would. After all, why not? Incumbents usually think their experience makes them more qualified, and when’s the last time he did anything at a Council meeting other than show up? On the other hand, I’m not getting a feeling that he’s a real ambitious guy with his sights on higher office. Could be wrong, we’ll see.