See ya sister

Fremont is planning to dump its Sister’s Cities Commission, but not its sister cities. The commission hasn’t had a quorum since January of 2008. It will meet Wednesday to discuss its dissolution. I’m guessing that’s one thing they can talk about even without a quorum.

Matt Artz

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  1. I’ve often wondered exactly what it was that we gained from the “sister city” concept. It seems like an idea that may have sounded nifty a long time ago when distant countries were remote and exotic, but air travel and the internet have significantly shrunk the globe.

    Other than giving local pols a reason to travel to said “sister cities” and spend City money hosting “sister city” reps when they come here, what would continuing these relationships do for us today that couldn’t be accomplished by a video teleconference? If its purpose was to develop business relationships, isn’t that what we have an Economic Development Department for?

    Sounds like an excellent way to save some City money.

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