Not sure if this would help Besaro residents

BTW, ruling in Besaro case isn’t expected until November.

Nava’s Mobile Home Resident Protection Act Passes Senate

Legislation Blocks Sham Conversions of Mobile Home Parks

Assemblymember Pedro Nava’s Assembly Bill 566, the Mobile Home Resident Protection Act of 2009, was approved today by the State Senate.  This measure will protect the property and rights of mobile home park residents when parks are converted to condominiums. The measure now returns to the Assembly for concurrence in senate amendments.

“My bill makes sure that the voices of mobile home owners are heard before any park owner attempts to sell the property out from under them,” said Nava. “Mobile home park residents are often seniors with limited financial means. A condominium conversion by mobile home park owners often means that park residents can lose the equity in their homes, be forced to sell their homes at a reduced value or completely leave their communities.”

Recently, a growing number of mobile home park owners have been using a loophole in the law to convert their parks to “resident-owned condominiums” or subdivisions.  As a result, many non-purchasing residents’ home values are drastically reduced.

AB 566 allows city councils and boards of supervisors to consider whether a majority of the residents of a park support the conversion before approving the sale of a park into a condominium style development.

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