Newark Mayor David W. Smith for Governor?

Yes, you read that right, Governor.

East Bay resident Wynn Grcich spoke at the Newark City Council meeting Thursday  and opened her 20-minute speech — which focused largely on water issues throughout the region — by urging the state’s longest sitting mayor (Dave Smith)  to run for Governor. She lauded Smith’s leadership — particularly his effort in helping Newark maintain a fairly balanced budget over the years — and offered to run his campaign. She opined that if San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom could run — ever after leading his city into more than $300 million in debt — that Smith should try his hand.

Mayor Smith chuckled and remarked “only if I can take all of these people (the council and city staff) with me.”




  1. True to the Halloween spirit, Newark is flooding the mailboxes of residents with Yes on Measure L flyers. The latest flyer from the City’s Trick or Treat bag shows a large broken window with Newark City Hall in the background. The building looks ready to implode. Big red letters shout out, “Don’t Let Newark Break Apart”. On the back of the flyer is a small photo of the Newark Library.

    The Trick part of this Halloween flyer is that the City actually wants to tear down City Hall and the Library and build high-rise housing. The plan is right there in the newest Housing Element soon to be certified by the city council.

    As if this isn’t enough of Halloween Tricks, the City’s list of future projects included another community center/swim complex the same size as the money-losing Silliman Center/Swim Center, Bocce Ball Courts and a Cultural Arts Center bigger than the Smith Center at Ohlone Fremont.

    Newark will not “fall apart” if voters wisely defeat Measure L. The City will simply learn to live within its means the way we all do. Allowing the City to collect additional taxes from our utilities is not a fiscally sound way to run a city. Let’s make Measure L a Loser. No more City Tricks.

  2. No, no, no, Margaret –

    While the rest of us suck it up at work and take home less and less and less and pay more and more into our personal retirement – – — – civic employees continue to remind taxpayers about how bad off the community will be when there are no libraries and PD and FD stop responding to . . . . . . your residential false alarms . . . .

    The BOOGIE MAN COMES CALLING unless you vote for Measure “L” !!!!!!

    Keep digging into those wallets folks !

    The pensions of these idiots will continue to consume more and more and more of your tax dollars and fewer and fewer tax dollars will deliver services to your community – – – – until someone decides that enough is ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Contrary to popular belief, government workers live in the same world that non-government workers live in. Civil service jobs are open to all comers – all you have to do is apply, meet the stated qualifications and have the patience to wait out the process.

    If you have a non-union job in private industry, when your employer cut your wages, you probably accepted that. Your employer stopped contributing to your 401K retirement plan, and what did you do about it? Your employer cut your health care coverage and your jobs were outsourced using the internet that was built using your tax money, and you laid down for it. Reagan and the conservative media sold you the “free market” Kool Aid of anti-unionism, and you bought it without question. Now, you want unionized workers to cosign your cowardice and stupidity? Sorry, you were dumb enough to buy the lies, now have the courage to own them.

    The goal shouldn’t be to pull union wages down to the pennies that the corporations and business owners are willing to throw our way, it’s to raise the wages and working conditions for all workers. Isn’t that what a free market is all about? Making darn sure that you get the best deal you can and holding onto it? Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  4. Sorry – Irv – my salary and benefits are being cut – and those who are trying to squeeze my shrinking wallet for more from ME and my family – – – – well, they can suck some gas just like the rest of us. Your theory about let’s just raise all boats on a rising tide sounds swell until you get down to the practicalities of a shrinking national economy.

    North American standards of living are sinking to raise the standards for those in 3rd world countries. That’s a fact of international economics not attributable to a singular and now passed President !

    I’ll get busy voting for more to subsidize civic employees and their benefits as soon as my ability to pay is on the rise again – -IF that ever occurs – until then there’s absolutely nothing that should decouple this segment of the economy from the worldwide tides we are all swimming against – jump on in, the waters fine – but, make no mistake about it – we’re all having to re-rationalize and justify our individual contributions and earnings.

    Historical “standards” and “markets” went out the window long ago – and we’re all being affected – it’s only a matter of when.

  5. Public salaries rose exponentially to “match” those in the private sectors elevated by the tech and housing bubbles. We’re not going to see another bubble for a decade, so expect public salaries to follow the trend set by the private sector – way, way down.

    I estimate that public employees in CA state and munis have one more contract to negotiate upwards before the financials implode. This is not a matter of rising all ships. It’s a matter of taking money from once middle class and giving it to another. People can only handle so many IAFF stickers on the rear windows of E-Class Mercedes before they riot.

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