Fremont Road Work

The city has posted a road work schedule that the federal government (and future taxpayers) will be subsidizing. For a much cleaner list, click here.

1 Argonaut Way (Mowry Avenue to Walnut Avenue) Sept. 17 – Sept. 22 Sept. 23 – Sept. 25
2 Walnut Avenue (Argonaut way to Fremont Blvd) Sept. 17 – Sept. 22 Sept. 23 – Sept. 25
3 Doane Street (Grimmer Blvd to Fremont Blvd) Oct. 6 – Oct. 9 Oct. 6 – Oct. 9
4 Durham Road (Sabercat Road to I-680 ROW) Sept. 14 Sept. 16 & Sept 21
5 Las Palmas Avenue (Mission Blvd to Seville Place) Oct. 6 – Oct. 9 Oct. 6 – Oct. 9
6 Mowry Avenue (W/B) (Bonner Ave to Parkside Drive) Sept. 22 – Oct. 1 Sept. 28 – Oct. 2
7 Paseo Padre Parkway (Durham Road to Oakridge Drive) Sept. 14 Sept. 16 & Sept 21
8 Paseo Padre Parkway (Chabourne Drive to Mento Drive) Sept. 29 – Oct. 5 Oct. 5 – Oct. 6
9 Paseo Padre Parkway (S/B) (Mento Drive to Olive Ave) Sept. 29 – Oct. 5 Oct. 5 – Oct. 6
10 Paseo Padre Parkway (Stevenson Blvd to Senior Center) Sept. 22 – Oct. 1 Sept. 28 – Oct. 2
11 S. Grimmer Boulevard (N/B) (Tech. Dr. to Auto Mall Pkwy) Sept. 14 – Sept. 19 Sept. 22
12 Stevenson Boulevard (W/B) (Fremont Blvd to Davis Street) Sept. 17 – Sept. 22 Sept. 23 – Sept. 25
13 Walnut Avenue (Paseo Padre Pkwy to Civic Center Drive) Sept. 22 – Oct. 1 Sept. 28 – Oct. 2

Matt Artz


  1. Regarding your “future taxpayers” comment, thanks to the stimulus program that funds these projects, there are people currently working and, therefore, paying taxes, rent, mortgage payments, buying groceries and gas, and otherwise contributing to the economy. Would you prefer that they be unemployed, Matt?

  2. So I’m guessing Matt would rather have Fremont residents driving on deteriorated roads?

  3. At least they are doing something about the roads here. They continue to deteriorate and they continue to be ignored. Can they work on the awful dip at Peralta X Mowry interchange right next to the Water facility next?

  4. The 800b in stimulus the fed had to print in order to kick the can is small beans compared to the $13 trillion pledged to our gods of finance.

    I would rather a few banks fail and a few roads go with cracks than to know my toddler child will paying to subsidize an entitlement society of spoiled baby boomers *and* a lot of temp job shovel-slingers in the new Obama economy.

  5. Why do they have to be doing work on all these roads at the same time? I certainly understand the need to fix them, but come on – it takes long enough to cross Fremont by car, now it’s going to take 20 minutes longer just because every fifth street you come across is being repaved or is shut down to one lane.

  6. From today’s Wall Street Journal

    WASHINGTON–U.S. President Barack Obama will spotlight $5 billion in new funds for cancer research and job creation when he visits the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., later Wednesday.

    The new money for NIH will come from the $787 billion economic stimulus package, an administration official said.

    Obama will announce the funds after he tours a laboratory at NIH with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The announcement is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. EDT.


    Wonder how many temporary “shovel slingers” they have at NIH . . .

  7. Hey, Marty –

    If you’re worried about our chidren inheriting a lifetime of debt, maybe they could enlist – – – Certainly their most basic needs will be covered and maybe they can help unravel that little mess that Mr. Bush left behind.

    Of course, that lifetime of paying taxes is at least still a lifetime.

    Gosh ’tis a difficult choice, isn’t it ?

  8. Of course, one could always try the approach advocated by the “tenthers”, that is, file a 10th amendment tax return – tell the IRS that they don’t have the power to collect an income tax. After all, those federal programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, federal education funding, the Veterans Affairs health system and the G.I. Bill that are paid for by our taxes are unconstitutional anyway, right?

  9. That’s some sound logic, kids. I have no idea what point either one of you is trying to make, but it sure is scary to see what crazy s*#t people say when high on hopium.

  10. Wow . . . . . . and here I thought Marty was trying to engage in a little adult political banter.

    BTW – wut dat “hopium”, Marty ?

  11. Box, if you’re worried about not engaging in political banter, maybe you can join an indoor soccer team?

  12. Oh, goodness, Marty… once again with the off-topic and juvenile rhetoric. Add another to my “ignore” list.

  13. You have a fascinating way of ignoring. You’re a smart guy, box. You should know that being disgruntled about bailing out GS executives is to joining the army as engaging in political banter is to playing indoor soccer.

    Bottom line – post #7 is ridiculous even by your standards. I’m just trying to keep up.

  14. Marty it is obvious that you have no respect for other peoples opinion. This is not the Marty Blog.
    It is good to hear from the right wing, Marty are you one of the hecklers at the town meetings?

  15. CAguy, I hate to knock you off your pedestal of “intellectual value” but I didn’t turn this post political, Lifer did.

    I made a comment about my disdain that our children will be paying for trivial handouts. I also pointed out that the NIH research funds cited by Ashley are 0.64% of the stimulus. Because of this, I am told that I should have my kids enlist in the Army and I should join an anti tax fringe group. Dutifully, you put the onus of keeping things reasonable on me.

  16. That’s what we depend on you for, Marty – the Voice of Reason. How else would the rest of us know what the “right” way to think is? Keep posting, bud – folks are getting to know you better.

  17. Ashley, instead of resorting to straw manning, perhaps you have it in you to respond to the fact that the NIH funding you cite is insignificant. That was my original point, until you tried to marginalize me into some fringe group.

  18. ResearchAmerica estimates that the $10.5 billion in economic stimulus funding to the NIH could create up to 70,000 jobs conducting research, manufacturing and supplying medical equipment, and building and modernizing laboratories and research facilities at college campuses. It will fund key research priorities, expanding the cancer genome atlas and researching potential targeted treatments, mapping the DNA of participants in the decades-old Framingham Heart Study, and making the “largest-ever infusion of funding into autism research.”

  19. Ashley, I am fully aware of the stimulus infusion into the NIH. I benefit personally from it- in the short term that is. 70k jobs is a gross over estimate, as most of the grants funded through stimulus dollars were written by researchers already funded by the gov. The figure falls nicely in the “jobs created or saved” mantra Obama has been promoting. If you feel better believing it, so be it. It’s 0.08% of what we gave Wall St, BTW.

    The stimulus is winding down, and we are precisely where we were at this time in 2008, sans more government debt that the producers in our economy will be responsible for. So since I’m not happy about all of this, I should join the “Tenther’s” movement?

  20. Far be it from me to have a dog in this fight but, realistically, no one can marginalize you but yourself. In this world we have no visual cues to judge people by, so you become what you write, for good or ill. If you read this blog long enough, it becomes a community and, as with any community, it has its bright lights and its dim bulbs and everything in between. Pretty egalitarian, actually, with only Matt to judge what’s across the line. Which raises the question, “is there a line?”, but that’s a whole ‘nuther post.

  21. Not true, Baxter. Labeling people as racist or radicals for disagreeing with them tracks the definition of marginalizing pretty damn close. This is exactly what Lifer, CAguy and Ashley have done on a regular basis in our little “community”. You cant even say you like a steakhouse on this board without in inference of racism.

    It’s the flip side of what the Bush admin did over the prior 8 years, and something I never engaged in it at the time because I knew that labeling people as extremist because you have nothing else to say is damn ignorant and *should* be met with a hair of aggression. Possibly, it was those accusations being “un-American” which made Bush the most hated person of my lifetime. The Obamaphiles are working fast down the same track, and the push back they experience is a direct result.

    And it’s fine if only 1 of 100 here agree with me. My feelings aren’t hurt in the slightest. It’s therapeutic for me to remind them.

  22. I figured this was a lost cause, but I thought I should at least try to reason with you. I’ve seen how that’s played out for other posters so I knew there was a good chance that I’d end up on your hit list too. I feel bad for you – I think you’re a sad guy/gal.

  23. You think I’m a sad guy/gal because I don’t agree with your conclusions? I actually respected your analysis, and don’t see how my response would make you think that you’re on a “hit list”. Tell me, Baxter. What was an acceptable response that wouldn’t offend your sensibilities?

    Christ, people can sure dish out a load of criticism but cant take a bit of it back. THAT is very, very sad for you my friend. Good luck.

  24. What Marty doesnt see is his transition from rational discussion to irrational diatribe when he encounters an opposing viewpoint. He quickly abandons a continuation of thought – perhaps because he is afraid that he can’t continue in a rational manner to a desired end point – and resorts to emotional name-calling or personalized insults.

    The trend is that Marty has established for him/herself is pretty clear and his/her last post is an excellent summary of how this individual perceives the world around – – – – if sincere, s/he’s incapable of differentiating between critical discourse or disagreement and personalized rantings.

  25. If either one of you had the intellectual fortitude to respond to post 7 without hyperbole and insult to me, perhaps you’d get a more palatable response, box. Again, you can dish it out but surely cant take it.

  26. Thanks, Bbox, for the insight – I’ll join you on that “ignore list” concept.

  27. Good on ya’ for trying, Niles, but that road leads nowhere. Welcome to the club.

  28. You’re doing a fine job of ignoring, Baxter. And Lifer, I knew you were following this thread closer than John Edwards on a chemo nurse.

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