Logan High alum in Samoa

James Logan High School alumnus Matt Leal (class of 2000) has been blogging about the deadly tsunami that hit villages in Samoa and American Samoa, killing at least 39 people, on Tuesday. Leal, 27, has been on a Peace Corps assignment in Apia, Samoa, since last October. His mom said that he and the other Peace Corps members are safe.

Here’s an excerpt from his blog (in blue):

Most of Apia evacuated to higher ground. Uphill roads became one-way highways for cars and buses, but most of us just walked. Tsunami sirens blared across Apia. Church bells rang. My school rang its bell. …

I walked with a couple girls from my 11.3 class and held an impromptu geology lesson.

There was much confusion as to where we were supposed t go and where we could stop. Students asked me where we were going, and I could only tell them we were going “Up.” A couple teachers also asked me. “I was following you,” I said. …

It’s unclear what this means for the rest of the school day. Since there’s no articulated evacuation point, students and staff were strewn across multiple villages and it seems impossible for us all to come back and spend the rest of the day as normally scheduled.

To read more of his first-hand accounts and view photos, visit diplomatt.blogspot.com.

Linh Tat