BART Extension

We’ve posted my story on BART’s groundbreaking today in Central Park. It was long, and at the end, a lot of people you guys elected into office got to wear hard hats, pose for pictures and sign each other’s commemorative shovels.

So what does this mean for Fremont drivers and Central park users?

Well, There will be lane closures on Stevenson when the time comes to build the BART tunnel below Stevenson around Guardino. But we don’t know when that will be. The trench through Central Park will cut into a lot grassy open space, but it won’t disturb any park facilities like the baseball and softball fields.

And for all you joggers, a dam will be built into the east end of Lake Elizabeth during construction. The temporary trail will detour runners onto the dam, so the path will be a little less than its current two miles.

Matt Artz


  1. Marty,
    If you cannot deal on a intellectual level, then start calling people names and insulting them. I am not suprised.

  2. ?? what’s Califoniaguys grudge? That Matt took a swipe at the “elected” officials who helped us make this decision in what 15 years? I doubt any of the people in the photo op were in office 15 years ago when this obvious extension should have been approved.

  3. I believe, John, that Californiaguy’s comment was directed to Marty, not Matt. It may refer to comments made under another thread. Apologies if I am mistaken.

  4. It is nice that they are building something like this.

    But I live in the apartments right next to where they are building the new bart and I am concerned about the Noise while they are building. I am not looking forward to that.. =(

    Also when the bart starts to run through It is going to be noisy like crazy. But will see..

  5. BART isn’t that noisy in most places. I lived across the street from El Cerrito BART for a year and, from the first day, hardly noticed the wooshing.

    Freight trains, on the other hand, are seriously loud and shake the ground. If you’re fine with the freight trains on those lines, BART should be no problem.

  6. That’s a pretty decent Bay Area transportation blog there, “something to think about”, Thanks.

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