Bye-bye, Milt

Fremont Superintendent Milt Werner shocked some in the audience at tonight’s school board meeting by announcing that he is stepping down at the end of June to spend more time with his family. (Click here for news story.) He said his recent performance review and the stress of dealing with budget cuts did not play a part in his decision.

School board President Larry Sweeney confirmed that Werner received a positive evaluation and was surprised by the decision. A district press release said the board “reluctantly” accepted Werner’s resignation.

Werner will retire with two years left on his contract.

The last superintendent for FUSD, Doug Gephart, also retired early. His decision came as a shock to some as well, since he had recently signed a multi-year contract with the district.

Likewise, Pat Jaurequi stunned the community in July 2008 when she stepped down as schools chief of the New Haven school district to head another district.

Linh Tat


  1. I’ve only heard positive things about Werner, and Gephart was great. However, this is a pretty horrible track record of hiring that, if my understanding is correct, lets them walk off with stunning retirement packages that far outsize their lifetime pension contributions. The board needs to find a qualified candidate who will give the district some stability and then write a contract that guarantees they’ll stick around.

  2. How about “Bye-Bye” DIAZ! He still wants the A’s? He’s the reason that a real debate about where didn’t happen!! What an EGO!

  3. Nah – Diaz is smart enough to know this deal was dead a long time ago . . . but he also knows that Wasserman and a couple of his co-horts still wax wistfully when the subject of the A’s comes up.

    Dropping an occassional public sentiment like “Gee, if only the A’s could be here . . . . ” from time to time is excellent lobbying for next years’ salary negotation – and doesn’t cost him a thing.

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