Yankee manager Joe Girardi is an idiot. He should be chained to the dugout railing to avoid making imbecilic pitching changes. Second time this season he took out a reliever with the bases empty and two outs only to have the new pitcher give up the game-losing run.

I’m not the only P-O’ed person in Fremont. Several folks who live near the Sikh Temple around Mission Boulevard and Gurdwara Drive are upset about a Temple event this weekend. There were lots of emails between residents and city officials. Residents wrote of parking, traffic and fire cracker nuisances. They also wrote that the Temple folks didn’t let them know about the shindig.

Matt Artz

  • worble

    SWINE FLU BREAKOUT AT NILES SCHOOL. The school has been notified that a child has tested positive for the swine flu and that there are other children from that class that have been out with the flu. The school said that the CDC told them that they don’t have to notify the parents. Is this the way Fremont Unified is going to handle the swine flu? What a joke.

  • Bruce

    Worble: swine flu has been going around since the spring. We’ve already been told that any flu right now is almost certainly swine flu, since the seasonal flu has not started up yet. I know a kid who had it in August. Maybe they could make an announcement at Niles, but don’t expect them to quarantine the school or anything like that.

  • worble

    They have told us that they will not make an annoucement. Why not? What are they hiding from? or is it that Fremont Unified will lose money if the parents keep there kids at home? What about the poor child that has a emune problem and die from the flu who is responssible? the school and the school district for not letting the public know that they have a swine flu breakout.

  • Niles Baxter

    Valid questions, Worble. Have you called the School District to ask them? If you do I hope you will share with us what you find out.

    How do you think the District should handle the situation? You noted in your first post that the CDC had told the District not to do a notification, then you ask in your second post why they’re not making an announcement – seems to me you answered your own question.

    It can hardly be news to anybody that the swine flu’s going around, and responsible parents of immunologically-challenged children have probably already taken whatever steps they feel are prudent to protect their kids.

  • Swamp Squid

    If building sports stadiums to your city is such bad idea, why have so many cities including Houston, Chicago, Baltimore, San Diego, Cleveland and Denver built them? I guess you on the fringe are good with our somewhat boring bedroom community? Number ten on the charts! No sense in taking the opportunity to help turn Fremont into a top tier city…right? You fringe do not understand the tangible and intangible opportunities and benefits associated with a baseball team rsincluding visitors, tourists, and people looking for nightly dining, entertainment, and hotel accommodations professional baseball would have brought. The return on investment would have been worth it. Come out and introduce yourself…I think you know who I am. I will most certainly be at the next Council meeting.

  • bbox231

    Raymond Keating, the Small Business Survival Committee’s chief economist, agrees: “The lone beneficiaries of sports subsidies are team owners and players.

  • bbox231

    Something new to consider -


  • bbox231
  • kyle

    Mayor Wasserman is Swamp Squid? If so time to drain the swamp!

  • Marty

    “The lone beneficiaries of sports subsidies are team owners and players.”

    …and the fans, general entertainment seekers, the supporting businesses and city’s reputation as a whole. Here’s a few other non-essential amenities that cities provide at a net expense:

    Performing arts centers
    Public amphitheaters
    Softball fields

    Using the condition that a non-essential city amenity must provide a profit, you must be against the creation of all of those. OR, the issue is that you don’t want a baseball field, plain and simple and would be more that willing to hamstring the city budget as long as the outcome meets your personal preferences. That’s fair enough, but just admit it.

    And in all honesty, it was difficult to come up with six non-essential amenities in Fremont (in fact two of those barely exist). THAT speaks to the sad state of options available to our residents and is perhaps the reason why there are many who wanted the A’s.

    But continue to call these people fringe, extremists etc. Maybe Lifer can correlate them to “Birthers” again, and Vinnie Bacon can thank him for the astute analysis. The FCN herd is writing the us-vs-them narrative and working overtime to divide the city on this issue.

  • worble

    Sounds like we have acouple of winners who can’t read or see the simple facts that most of Fremont did not want this project. Like I have always said let the people of Fremont vote and these sore losers will see that this was never going to happen. Lew wolff played Fremont so he can move the team out of the bay area he knew that the ballpark would never happen in Fremont that is why he gave up. Quit sniffling about it.

  • Swamp Squid

    No Kyle,I am not Wasserman but your getting warmer. Why won’t you fingers admit I have a point. You tossed our community under the bus and you behaved like somebody who wears brown shirts 6 days a week. For what? I would like Fremont to be a better place, a more exciting place, a place that the rest of the nation /world might come to know because we have a professional baseball team with a world class stadium. Right now we have our share of chains and no fireworks on the 4th of July. Thanks a lot Gus! Admit it you screwed up. NUMMI is history and 4,700 jobs have been lost…Bacon,Bacon,Bacon. BBox needs to go back to DTox. Yankees 3- Phillies 2.

  • Anon101


  • Fremont Lifer

    I must thank you all for putting a smile on my face this afternoon at observing the guesses about who our pal Squiddy is. This is just too good.

    A baseball and Nazi-obsessed marginal typist (“fringers”/”fingers”) who attends Council meetings and uses “bedroom community” as a pejorative – hmmmm. Plus, a fireworks enthusiast with no love for Gus. Not a real long list of possibile candidates.

  • Swamp Squid

    Yuck yucks. I’ve got to hand it to our baseball hating buddy Lifer…Must of been quite a task wiping all the egg away to find your mouth to view that cute and demonic smile of yours this afternoon.

    The guilt Lifer is burdened with has turned his brain into mush.
    ”Pejorative – hmmmm”…could Lifer be a grammer Nazi to boot?

  • Fremont Lifer

    Oh, yeah – I forgot “guilt obsessed”.

    “Why can’t I find the word ‘perjorative’ in my dictionary?

    Because it is spelled pejorative. This word does not contain the prefix per-, but is derived from the Latin word peior or pejor meaning ‘worse’.”


    Come on – you know you’re dying to admit who you are or you wouldn’t have dropped so many unsolicited clues. It’s eating you up. Spill it – you’ll feel better.

  • Swamp Squid

    Tell me, who are you? ‘Cause I really wanna know who, who, who, who?

    Holy albumin Lifer… just come to the next City Council meeting and it will be revealed. Heck, you could even bring that mob of baseball haters that ran the A’s out of Fremont with you.That’s no yoke!

    P.S. Has anyone told you to watch your dangling participles?

  • Fremont Lifer

    Dude, I’m not the one dropping broad hints about who I am. You can’t dangle clues out there that imply that you’re a Council member and expect people not to bat them around. This fan-dancer routine is getting old – nobody wants to see your naughty bits anyway.

    At least prior (and future?) candidate Bacon posts under his own name.

  • Irvington

    I’ll take a look at that “dangling participle”!