Post offices still at risk

I missed this, but some on the Niles Chat group didn’t. The Postal Service issued an updated list of post offices threatened with closure. Niles and Mission San Jose are still on the chopping block.

The list of threatened post offices is now down to 371. It will be whittled down some more before it’s final.

Matt Artz

  • Fremont_Bill

    In these tough economic times closing a few neighborhood post offices is not that big of deal! Email and the Internet has changed our culture, as advances in technology often does. I do not think young people , the next generation, uses postal mail.

  • JC

    well.. given that the Post Office is a private business now and not run by the Fed.. perhaps they could find a better way to raise money… such as stop subsidizing mailing rates for business because they are big users for mailing all that nice junk mail to us…

    I’m an old geek and maybe not so computer savvy as some of the young next generation but I’d be happy to learn how I shove a Christmas package or birthday gift into the internet pipeline to my sister in NV or my dad in AR..

    its pretty convenient having the post office on the corner…

  • Fremont_Bill

    Matt, WOW, I am impressed with the power of the Niles E Group, at least you did not completly remove the post