Useless press release of the month

It’s Elevator/Escalator Safety Week in Fremont. Is there an escaltor in town outside of Target? And can one truly celebrate Elevator/Escalator Safety Awareness?

Fremont celebrates National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week

October 19, 2009 – FREMONT, Calif. – Mayor Bob Wasserman of Fremont signed a proclamation declaring November 8 – 14, 2009 as National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week. Safety Week is a promotion of public safety awareness for the elevator and escalator industry’s equipment. The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF) sponsors Safety Week annually during the second full week of November.

Matt Artz

  • JohnW


    The Target escalator is in Newark. Fremont is a one escalator town, BART.

  • Rick Muncie

    “Is there an escaltor in town outside of Target?”

    KOHL’s in Pacific Commons has an Escalator, so Fremont is NOT a one escalator town.

  • http://www.army.com Ultimo

    What’s this useless garbage? Why don’t they do some real work? I understand that elevator/escalator safety is important, but there are better times to address it than in the middle of a god forsaken recession. Our elected officials spend so much time on these blasted distractions that they think we’re going to forget that they’re getting absolutely nothing done. This is why we lost NUMMI. Our city council and its old farts can’t seem to get proactive to save their lives. Fresh blood. Where are Bacon and that kid at??

  • Rick Muncie

    Let’s also not forget there are plenty of elevators in Fremont…

  • Andrew Cavette – Former Intern

    …and BART has two escalators, so that makes at least three.

  • bbox231

    Once you think you’ve counted up the handful of escalators in town – you can start working on the elevators . . . . . it *was* – after all – escalator AND elevator awareness week . . . . .

    By comparison, there’s quite a few more of the latter in Fremont. One very special City Hall elevator which is rumored to not reach the top floors.

  • Fremont Lifer

    Box, the City Hall elevator thing is priceless! Good one.

  • Shash

    Is this even a real news medium when a reporter can’t spell “escalator?” What happened to media ethics in reporting?